How many sessions will I need?
Most of our current struggles are deeply rooted in childhood experiences. Disempowering patterns are strengthened and reinforced over time – and because these patterns didn’t develop overnight, you cannot expect them to vanish overnight. Plan on investing in multiple consecutive weekly sessions for an average of 5-8 weeks, depending on the history, severity, and complexity of the presenting issue(s).

Will I remember what happens in my hypnosis sessions?
Yes, you’ll remember everything that happens in your hypnosis sessions. You’ll be in a state referred to as the theta state, which is a deep state of relaxation and heightened focus. It is your ability to focus and retain new information that contributes to the gradual shifts in your behavior.

Will I be forced to remember specific things?
Your subconscious and higher mind select the memories you need to revisit to facilitate insight, growth, and change. Thus, the hypnotist does not force you to remember specific things in session.

How do you know my memories are accurate? You don’t, what’s more important is how your brain stores the memories and how it translates into thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. And this is the hallmark of our work together.

I’m not comfortable sharing my feelings. Is hypnosis a good fit?
Some of our sessions can get pretty emotional. If you’ve been walking around with anxiety, depression, chronic pain or addictions, part of the healing process is learning to acknowledge, nurture, and manage the emotional body. It’s best if you enter this process open to sharing your feelings on a deeper level than you otherwise might.

I understand you integrate Energy Healing into your sessions, how and why is this done?
So much of our trauma is trapped in the cells of our body. When we ignore the emotional body for too long, it can eventually have a detrimental effect on the physical body. During this interactive process, I help clients acknowledge, release, and transmute lower vibrational energy, as well as open their spiritual pathways to receive high frequency energy from Divine source. To learn more, click here: Energy Healing Lake Stevens – Everett | Sensorium Hypnosis

How is hypnosis different from mainstream counseling?
It may help to think of a hypnotist as more of a coach or a guide in helping you reclaim yourself as the authority and expert in your own healing journey. My job is to give you tools and strategies for redirecting your thoughts, moods, and to behaviors so that they are in alignment with the higher self. If you’d like more information on the benefits of my alternative healing program, please check out this YouTube video: How to Remove Unwanted Behaviors Without Months or Years of Talk Therapy. My Three Program Secrets. – YouTube

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