Where are you located?

My office is physically located in Lake Stevens, WA, on the North end of the lake in a residential home with a private business entrance. However, anyone can schedule Virtual (online) Sessions via Zoom – which can be downloaded onto your computer or iPhone and is just as effective and powerful as in-person sessions.

Established clients periodically hire me to perform a “spiritual clearing” of their home or office – which requires me to travel to their space. I will warn you that even though you may feel some “weird juju” in your office, unless you own the space, I will not clear it.

As a rule, I never clear a space without the owner’s written permission. Also, I only do clearings for established clients within Snohomish county.

What are your hours/availability?

Presently, my sanctuary hours are as follows:

Monday through Friday 8am-5pm PST (last session at 4pm).

I may occasionally work outside these hours for virtual clients. All sessions must be booked by phone/text or email, as my schedule fluctuates frequently.

Weekends and evenings are reserved mostly for virtual and in-person group sessions, spiritual cleansing of spaces and program development.

My hours/availability may change periodically, so please keep yourself in the loop and schedule well in advance (4-8 weeks out is recommended) – particularly if your own availability is limited.

What are your fees/rates? How long are your sessions?

I charge $250 for Intro Hypnosis Session (which takes about 1.5 hours because I complete a detailed intake). For standard hypnosis sessions (in-person and virtual), I charge $150 for each additional session (lasting on average 60-75 minutes). These sessions are packaged in bundles of 4, 6 and 8, depending on the goal – as this is the minimal amount of time necessary to experience significant progress.

My rates for in-person and virtual group sessions vary depending on the program. Group sessions are typically 30-60 minutes in length. Please email me at amy@sensoriumhypnosis.com if you would like more information on my weight loss or smoking cessation group programs.

For clients who have already completed a course of standard hypnosis sessions within the last 90 days, they can schedule one or more Hypnosis Refresher sessions to help reinforce previously established goals. Please email me at amy@sensoriumhypnosis.com if you would like more information.

Why is the first session more expensive/longer in duration?

I utilize this first session to get to know you, to explore themes and patterns in your life you would like to extinguish (addictions, dysfunctional relationship patterns, mood issues, etc.). Though we will likely talk on the phone prior to your first session, your first in-person session will be much more in-depth.

Do I have to pay BEFORE to my sessions?

YES – this is time I have dedicated to your healing journey. All session packages must be purchased online at the time they are scheduled to reserve your space. I do not accept cash or checks and all payments must be submitted prior to your sessions. No payments are taken on-site.

Unlike many practitioners, I cap the number of clients I see per day so that I have the energy and mental/spiritual fortitude to be fully present and attentive. That being said – I need the same level of commitment from you for this modality to be effective. It is human nature to commit more heavily when we invest monetarily.

Please note, refunds are not provided; however, with at least 48-hour notice, you may reschedule your services to occur within 7 days of your originally scheduled session. Space is not guaranteed. Again, this policy has to do with my daily services being strictly capped and the fact that significant time is spent preparing for your customized sessions.

Why do you have hypnosis clients commit to scheduling/purchasing 4 sessions at a time (following their first session)?

This is the minimal amount of time needed to properly identify, address, and resolve a client’s issues and obtain the desired outcome. Frankly, it is quite rare that an Intro Hypnosis Session plus 4 weekly hypnosis sessions will be enough. More realistically, a client should plan on completing an Intro Hypnosis Session plus 8 weekly sessions.

Currently, I break down services into 4 sessions at a time to keep my services more affordable for the average client. However, you should budget for an Intro Session, plus 8 additional weekly sessions if you are truly committed to change.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

This is a small business where I commit wholly to a finite number of clients. If you commit and pay for 4 or 8 sessions at a time, I will expect you to complete your treatment and a refund will not be provided for any missed or cancelled sessions. I do offer make-up sessions for those offering a 48 hour advanced notice of a cancellation. The reason for cancelation, however, must represent an emergency and the rescheduled session must occur within 7 days of the previously scheduled session. Space is NOT guaranteed, but I will however, do my best to accommodate you. If there is a clear pattern of cancelations (twice within a 30 day time period), accommodations will not be offered and further services may not be provided. These policies have been established, as each session builds upon the next and is captured in a very detailed case note to provide continuity of treatment and improve outcome measures.

Think of it this way, most gyms require you to commit to paying for a year of service, often broken down into monthly payments. You only benefit if you attend regularly, yet you pay either way. Most hypnosis clients end up making a 2- to 3-month commitment, broken down into easily digestible payments.

Because they commit to attending, their return on investment (quitting smoking, moving on from an abusive relationship, pursuing a more rewarding career/calling, being able to better manage the challenges of parenting, etc.) is incalculable and long-lasting.

Does medical insurance cover hypnosis?

No, it does not. This is an investment you choose to make in yourself – just like deciding to hire a personal trainer, a life coach, or a nutrition specialist, etc. Again, we are getting to the root cause of a problem/challenge rather than simply treating a symptom hoping it doesn’t spiral out of control.

Do my sessions have to be scheduled weekly?

YES! At the onset of services, weekly sessions for the first month or two are essential to build momentum and begin to experience progress (shifts in thoughts, behavior, and mood).

If you have a 10-day or 2-week vacation planned within the first 2 months you’re thinking of starting hypnosis, I highly suggest waiting until you come back before scheduling services. A break in services of this length is not ideal and will interrupt treatment momentum. It would be like taking a 2-week break from the gym when trying to meet your fitness/weight loss goals.

Please remember, if you cancel 48 hours in advance, for emergency reasons only, your prepaid session will be honored when rescheduling immediately. The rescheduled session must occur within 7 days of your original session (otherwise, you will indeed lose your monetary investment, and it cannot be applied to your next session).

After you have finished a course of treatment (typically an Intro Hypnosis Session, plus 8 session, and we have reached or nearly reached your goals), you can terminate services or “titrate” down to every other week and then once a month. This is your choice. Most titrate down.

Will you honor my session/still see me if I am late?

I will honor your session if you are up to 20 minutes late, as I know some of you are commuting from work/homes in the far end of the county or other counties – and in general, traffic is a bear. However, your session will be shortened by the amount of time you are late, as my clients are scheduled in specific time increments depending on the type of session.

If you anticipate being late and can safely call or text beforehand – using voice-activated technology, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you are early, please wait in your car until the time of your session. I provide virtual sessions to others around the country and may be in session. And I utilize the time between sessions to conduct phone intakes, return calls, and perform other critical business tasks. I will rarely be available before your scheduled session. If I am – I will text you!

In the event someone else is in the designated parking area closest to my sanctuary entrance, please pull up toward the garage. Kindly keep the far-right side of the driveway clear, as I have neighbors behind me that need to be able to get in/out.

I’ve never tried Hypnosis. I’m a little nervous and don’t know what to expect?

Hypnosis is not a trance or mind control like often portrayed in the media or stage hypnotism. It is a deep state of relaxation and heightened focus during which time all unnecessary distractions are removed, and the subconscious mind can be easily accessed.

You will remember everything. Over time, you will experience profound shifts and changes in thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

How is this different or more beneficial than talk therapy?

When you are in a deep state of relaxation and heightened focus, critical details from your life (via the subconscious) can be easily accessed – details that you would otherwise not remember or “gloss over.” These details provide important information regarding your experiences, perceptions, thoughts, etc.

We can also focus on emotions/feelings that are stored in your physical body which is an important component of resolving trauma and conflict. It is the difference between focusing on a symptom (as is often the case in “talk therapy”) OR identifying the root cause (hypnosis). This kind of deep work helps decrease or remove undesirable behavior while replacing it with healthier, more functional behaviors in a rather natural, organic manner.

We will indeed spend a little time prior to each session “talking,” or touching base; however, the majority of our time will be spent in the chair where deep change occurs.

I see or have seen a psychiatrist and am on psychotropic medication (anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, etc.); can I still see you?

If you are currently seeing a psychiatrist or prescriber to manage a condition and/or medication or a psychologist or any other mental health practitioner, please inform them first of your interest in pursuing hypnotherapy, as an additional tool.  Your primary providers should first be in agreement with your plan and all your healing modalities and interventions should work in tandem.  Depending on your goal, I may need written approval from your provider prior to scheduling your sessions. If you would like me to speak to your provider regarding your sessions, you must sign a written release granting me permission to do so.

Please note, hypnotherapists do not diagnose or treat psychiatric disorders or provide advice about medication, etc. Therefore, under no circumstance, will I ever advise you to stop seeing other providers who are critical to your care. Hypnotherapy is used to assist clients with navigating everyday life challenges, conflicts, and transitions.  

It is important that your condition is stable for hypnosis to be effective. More specifically, you should be able to focus, follow simple instructions, retain new information and implement gradual changes to your daily life.

Hypnosis is not an effective form of crisis intervention and should never be utilized by anyone who is experiencing symptoms of psychosis or is suicidal/homicidal. In such cases, the assistance of a licensed practitioner in mental health should be pursued.

I am thinking of trying hypnosis for my child/teen? Should I also schedule Hypnosis sessions for myself?

Please note, I am currently only seeing clients 18 years of age or older. This is a recent change, effective July 27, 2020. If you are interested in services for your daughter/son and this is a behavioral or disciplinary issue – YES, YES, YES!! It is important we explore parenting styles that may be contributing to problem behaviors and most importantly identify healthier, more productive ways of navigating conflict.

However, if the reason for seeking services has to do with your teenager’s relationships outside the home/nuclear family (such as a break-up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, challenging teacher, etc.), then it is not likely necessary.

Do you see children?

As of 7/26/2020, I no longer work with children. All clients must be 18 years or older. I have found this age most receptive/responsive to the type of work I do.

Do you see couples?

Together – no. I recommend marriage counseling for couples who are experiencing major challenges.

However, if you are experiencing challenges in your life/marriage, I am delighted to work with you as an individual client. Please note, due to a conflict of interest, I will not be able to work with a spouse you plan to leave or who is abusive in any way. S/he would be best served by seeing a different practitioner.

I do see married couples separately, and we can certainly touch on marital issues; however, our primarily focus will be on your individual healing journeys – trauma recovery, career dissatisfaction/indecision, addictions, stress/mood issues, etc.

I see you do some spiritual work, and I am NOT religious or spiritual in any way. Are you a good fit for me?

I spend a lot of time in our first session exploring your beliefs, as it is very important to me to meet my clients where they are – using tools, techniques, references, and processes that best resonate with their frame of reference and within their comfort level.

In all honesty, because of the unique nature of what I do, I have found my practice/specific modality works best for those who have some sense of spirituality rather strict religious dogma. I’m not into crystals, Tarot cards, or most of what may be considered New Age practices. I have nothing against these practices; they simply do not resonate with me, and I have chosen to focus my energy elsewhere.

However, I do work with – what I generically refer to as – high vibration white light energy (some call it “God,” Creator, Mother Earth, Universe, angels, spirit guides, souls who have passed before us, etc.). This kind of energy can and often does promote healing on every level – emotional, physical and spiritual.

Most (not all) clients who sit in my chair experience the sensation of energy moving through their body. This is a pleasant, relaxing, uplifting, and spiritual energy – nothing dark or scary. In fact, I have a core group of clients who have visited me weekly – for over a year – to experience this unique, transformative healing.

For new and established clients, I do Energy Work (“Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing” – which has nothing to do with “religion” or a specific set of beliefs). Learn more here: Energy Healing Lake Stevens – Everett | Sensorium Hypnosis. For established clients only, I offer Past Life Regression Therapy and Spiritual Clearing of Spaces. These are add-on services to be purchased/pursued separately – beyond the standard Hypnosis offerings – and again, only for those who are interested and comfortable with such services.

All are welcome in my space – Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, Non-Theist – and everything in-between. I espouse the concept of oneness and non-duality and I believe multiple things can exist simultaneously. It is not my role to challenge others’ beliefs but rather assist them in using their beliefs as another tool or springboard for healing. I disclose all my modalities, offerings, and philosophies for the sake of transparency.

Gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals are – of course – welcome in my space. Whomever you are and wherever you come from, you will be loved unconditionally in my space.

I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister who practices Spiritual Healing/Spiritual Mind Treatment, whereby I combine hypnosis with spiritually principles. There are many ways to define Metaphysical Ministry; I regard it as God-Centered without religious dogma. Again, this is for those who are interested and comfortable with this approach.