Energy Healing

This is about “Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing,” a form of energy healing that is interactive and co-facilitated by the client!

Clients reveal their issues….

Judy* came to me completely sleep deprived. Her chronic pain symptoms from autoimmune disease were ramped up. She could barely walk, stand, or even sit comfortably… and her even her medication wasn’t taking the edge off.

Betsy* fell off her horse after the saddle came loose. Her tailbone was badly bruised, as was the entire lower half of her body. Her shoulder was badly strained from trying to brace the fall. Her head throbbed and her neck was stiff and sore. Doctor’s confirmed nothing was broken, but the pain was nagging and persistent.

Following some major losses, including the death of his father, Joe* was plagued with anxiety. He could barely handle the commute to work and developed an intense fear of flying. This was troubling to Joe, as his job required frequent travel, sometimes overseas.

Even though testing and lab results showed her condition was stable, Sandra* just didn’t feel right. Daily chores, like taking out the garbage at work, caused her blood oxygen level to drop substantially and left her feeling out of breath and panicky. She also felt a heaviness, discomfort, and strange sensations in her lungs that could not be pinpointed through imaging or tests. Sandra was concerned her condition was progressing more quickly than the doctors revealed.

How Energy Healing works….

Energy Healing helped Judy regulate her sleep. Over the next week, her physical symptoms and pain began to slowly dissipate. She was back to the normal flow of life in no time.

After our one-hour session, Betsy went home and “slept like a baby.” Betsy was able to return to the stables the next day. Surprisingly, in 24 hours, she had gained complete mobility and was able to groom her horse.

Healing energy helped Joe transition out of “fight or flight” mode back into a state of homeostasis. He left feeling calm and peaceful. That week driving was no longer a trigger for his anxiety – and he was able to fly to Miami without issue. With the use of some breathing and visualization tools, Joe learned to integrate meditation into his daily practice.

Sandra received energy healing via Skype, which, according to Sandra, improved her blood oxygen level following activity. She noticed her physical energy increase, and the heaviness/discomfort in her lungs gradually disappeared over the course of the month. Her conditions are now manageable and back to baseline.

The power of this modality is that it – in many cases – pulls the mind and body out of crisis/fight or flight mode into a state of homeostasis – or stability. Once a person reaches this state, s/he can resume normal life activities uninterrupted by distracting emotions, physical distress, etc.

This modality differs from Reiki in that it uses the entire spectrum of healing energies (thus the reference to “Rainbow”) and frequencies from Divine source to promote healing of all levels – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. Some believe it is the most powerful source of healing energy that exists on our planet currently.

This is what energy healing is all about…

It releases psychological barriers and invites Divine source energy to promote deep healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Divine Source Energy is a non-physical power or spiritual essence that has a healing influence. This may be God, Buddha, Mother Earth, a Higher Intelligence, angels, spirit helpers, high vibration white light energy from another realm, or anything else. Your specific religious or spiritual beliefs (or the complete absence of either) do not alter the effectiveness of this treatment. It is simply a higher frequency energy that cannot be accessed solely from this dimension.

If this feels too “otherworldly” or conflicts with your specific religious doctrine, you may find peace following another path.

For those who may secretly worry that an Energy Healer might unintentionally leak negative/low vibration energy onto you – it is important to understand that the energy doesn’t come from me, but rather moves through me from a higher frequency place which I have been trained to access. That being said – I do believe it is extraordinarily important to find an emotionally peaceful and grounded practitioner.

“Psychological Barriers,” such as anxiety, depression, anger, and any other heavy emotion, can be addressed with this kind of energy work! It is also effective in reducing physical pain and distress – which can be experienced immediately or gradually over time.

This practice originated with the Rainbow people of Ancient Hawaiian civilization. They were believed to have the most direct connection with Divine source energy and could facilitate healing instantly and automatically. The modality was rediscovered and introduced into modern society back in the late 1990s by Laurie Keako’a’ Grant.

The sensations experienced during a session are pleasant and vary with every person. Some have reported light tingling, waves of energy, or a complete feeling of peace and tranquility. The experience following a session may include deeper, more restorative sleep, increased focus and productivity, decreased pain, and fewer emotional distractions – the list goes on!

Energy healing is an enhancement rather than a replacement…

… for traditional or mainstream interventions.

You may be seeing several medical specialists for a chronic condition and multiple symptoms; this modality is a great support for those whose current regimen does not provide the level of pain or symptom relief desired.

Perhaps you’ve been in an accident and medically cleared to return to work or resume normal activities, but you still feel “off.” This kind of Energy Healing can enhance or increase your body’s ability to recover.

Maybe you’ve been on psychotropic medication for decades but still suffer from an undesirable level of depression, anxiety, or sleep issues. This modality may fill in the gaps of your treatment, so you can experience a greater sense of health and well-being.

Get back to living your best life!

You are tired enough as it is – and it seems you spend half your life addressing your health needs or trying new treatments that cause more harm than good.

What you don’t realize is that this is the one intervention that boosts your immune system and balances your entire energy system without any risk or negative side effects. Also, this treatment does not require follow-up. The investment of time and effort is minimal – and the pay-off is incalculable!

You can restore your mind and body to a state of peace!

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