How it Works….

There is a concept in hypnosis referred to as the “critical factor,” which is a pre-programmed mindset that causes us to reject that which is unfamiliar or foreign to us.  By tapping into the power of the subconscious mind, we can bypass this mindset and gradually begin to accept new ideas and concepts.

The most exceptional part of the process is that these ideas and concepts stem from you.  They reflect the true essence of you and your core values – or rather, your “inner wisdom” so that your behavior matches your authentic thoughts and feelings.

What kinds of issues can Hypnosis address?

No matter why you seek help or what you hope to change – it’s never just about the presenting symptom – addiction, mood disorder, relationship conflict, career dissatisfaction, insomnia, feeling restless, anxious or overwhelmed, etc. It’s about what lies beneath the surface causing these challenges to bubble to the surface – consistently, relentlessly and sometimes rather predictably.

Hypnosis can also be utilized to help clients navigate and adjust to major life events or transitions – grief & loss, divorce, chronic illness, traumatic injury, victim of crime, etc.,

The good news is – the changes you make will permeate other areas of your life.

What about the Spiritual Healing component? 

If you are open to the possibility that there is someone or something outside yourself – a higher intelligence or divine presence that can influence our path here on earth, than the combination of hypnotherapy and spiritual healing can be a powerful modality.  Like many non-mainstream practitioners and lightworkers, I believe that each person has the inner wisdom, knowledge and power to initiate permanent change. I also believe this process can be further enhanced through some sort of consistent spiritual practice.

Ultimately, it is your own courage, forgiveness and self-discipline that will initiate change. However, opening your heart and soul to receive wisdom from Source can lead to greater levels of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Next Steps…

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