Hypnotherapy near Everett, WA

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed and focused state where the subconscious mind can be accessed to create changes in the way you think, feel and behave. When our inner dialogue is positive and light, we naturally feel calm and in control. When we feel calm and in control, our choices tend to be more grounded and intentional verses reactive and impulsive.

Hypnosis helps you develop your own unique strategies and formula for gaining mastery over your challenges. Once this is achieved, you may experience multiple benefits, such as a more fit and trim physique, a harmonious and satisfying marriage, a less stressful and more healthy relationship with a child or parent, increased job satisfaction or even an end to addictions.

Amy Marohn, C.Ht.

Amy Marohn, C.Ht.

I value intuition over formal protocol and textbook explanations; clients over clinicians in identifying the most effective formula for recovery; joy over suffering – as most of the pressure we place on ourselves is simply unnecessary, misguided, and masochistic.

How Hypnosis Works

Something rather incredible occurs when we transition from a state of being fully alert, awake, and conscious (“talk therapy”) into a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus (“hypnosis”). During hypnosis, you are calm and inwardly focused. You can access the deeper memories of the subconscious mind and distant past… as well as stored emotions. In this state, you will enter an expanded state of awareness and self-reflection where profound changes occur.

You may be wondering what past circumstances have to do with your present circumstances.


You wonder why you need to access the distant past? Many of our present struggles are deeply rooted in our childhood experiences or, more accurately, our limited interpretation of experiences. Our childhood reflects the most vulnerable and impressionable time in our development, a time in which we unquestioningly absorb unhealthy and disempowering thoughts and behaviors. Later, we inadvertently carry them into adulthood.

For example, it is not uncommon for adult women to have inadvertently adopted the same attitudes and beliefs toward weight as their mother/grandmother – who may have felt being overweight is a sign of laziness, emotional weakness, or reckless behavior. These types of misconceptions serve to lower one’s self-esteem and often contribute to the belief they somehow “earned” this label. During hypnosis, you will be encouraged to quiet external sources/voices and access the higher self. By doing so, you will discover your own inner wisdom, truth, and voice – which will have a powerful impact on shifting your behavior toward something more desirable and healthy.

When we venture into the subconscious mind and – in essence, travel back in time, we have the advantage of seeing things through the lens of our inner child – and in contrast, our more advanced, informed self with much more life experience. Once these two conflicting worlds or perspectives are uncovered and closely evaluated, a client will gradually and organically abandon that which is self-injurious and self-deprecating. Moreover, s/he will begin gravitating toward that which is beneficial and curative which reflects the more enlightened part of ourself.

Unlike other therapeutic interventions, hypnosis regards YOU as the expert in your own healing. Your subconscious mind and soul determine which memories deserve attention. Wisdom and insights of the “higher-self” guide you toward a more enlightened path. The result is experienced not just in the way you think, but, over time, in the way you behave.

How has hypnosis impacted real people who have visited my space?

One client quit smoking, lost weight, and reduced her drinking down to one quarter of what she used to consume in a few months.

Another left a toxic relationship, replaced a dead-end job with her dream job, and was able to wean off anti-anxiety medication and prescription sleep aids (under her physician’s guidance).

Confidence and improvements in parenting, marital relationships, and work relationships – are other areas where clients experienced great success.

Enhanced focus, better quality sleep, healthier lifestyle choices – the list goes on!

There are endless stories of how clients have utilized hypnosis to promote healing in their own lives.

The fact is – when you understand your true value in the world, you make more grounded decisions.

Are you convinced and ready to get started?

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