Overcoming Relationship Challenges

Hypnosis is a powerful vehicle for helping understand, manage, remove and replace patterns of dysfunction from relationships. By tapping into the power of the subconscious mind, a client can identify when and why disempowering beliefs and behaviors began to form. Also, while in a deeply relaxed “theta” state, your mind is most receptive to change and healthier perspectives. Thus, over time, with practice and repetition, your thoughts, feelings and choices gradually become more sensible, grounded and empowered. Having this new vantage point can impact multiple areas of your life, as you learn to approach relationships and situations with more wisdom, compassion and emotional resiliency.  

Amy Marohn, C.Ht., MS, B.Msc., C-KAHP

Amy Marohn, C.Ht., MS, B.Msc., C-KAHP

Master Hypnotist, Rehab Counselor, Metaphysical Minister, Spiritual Healer, Humorist and Recovering Chaos Addict.

I value intuition over formal protocol and textbook explanations; clients over clinicians in identifying the most effective formula for recovery; joy over suffering – as most of the pressure we place on ourselves is simply unnecessary, misguided, and masochistic.

Current challenges often have roots in early beginnings.

Chris* grew up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic household. Both her parents were alcoholics and routinely left her in unsafe environments to fend for herself.

She left home in her late teens, no longer able to handle the effects of consistent abuse: verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual.

Since this kind of emotional chaos was familiar to Chris, she grew comfortable and complacent having dysfunctional relationships with men. She had no idea how to find a healthier, more stable path.

Knowledge and wisdom aren’t always enough to effect change.

Now in her fifties, Chris understands why her life has been filled with a string of abusive relationships and marriages.

But she still admonished herself for not learning this life lesson earlier – and not being more proactive in breaking the cycle. She thought her advanced education in counseling and the culmination of personal and professional knowledge and wisdom gained over the years would have been enough to inspire change earlier in her life.

Like many other clients, Chris realized that awareness of an issue wasn’t powerful enough to inspire change. However, through hypnosis, she would participate in a much deeper process that involved identifying the root cause of her unhealthy choices. This process, along with some other tools, would create the most magnificent transformation she would ever experience.

Adding insult to injury.

Chris buried herself in work and spread herself thin trying to rescue her friends and own adult children from bad decisions.

She thought if she focused on others, she would circumnavigate her own depression and avoid having to make big changes in her own life.

Exhausted, anxious, and depleted both emotionally and physically from overextending herself – she continued to allow the chaos of her partnership to exist without reprieve. It seemed easier to avoid her own conflict than to deal with it directly.

Hypnosis, a clear path to lifelong recovery.

In hypnosis, Chris was surprised to discover she had passively and inadvertently accepted and adopted the relationship patterns of her alcoholic parents. Since she invested most of her life in her education, professional career, and the raising of her children – all very successful endeavors – she believed she had overcome her parents’ greatest weaknesses.

She simply assumed all romantic partnerships consisted of ongoing conflict and stress – and that she had to learn to work around it. It seemed to her that the only other option was to be perpetually single and alone – a daunting thought.

Through “age regression,” we accessed the subconscious mind; identified old, disempowering cognitive programming; so Chris could see the direct link between her thoughts and behavior. Once this process unfolded, Chris began to adopt a new, more empowering way of thinking/processing which organically and effortlessly began to shift her behavior and choices. Her personal life gradually became more manageable, peaceful, and fulfilling.

With hypnosis, you can break the cycle.

Chris now understood her choice in men, and the kind of chaos they created was a matter of familiarity and comfort – and all she had ever known. She then realized that familiar and comfortable did not equate to safe, healthy, or acceptable. By simply challenging her concept of “normal,” Chris created some new rules and criteria for establishing long-term relationships that better reflected her own needs, desires, and values.

Along the way, Chris discovered she was not as slow to learn from her mistakes as she had once thought. By taking a closer look at her history of romantic relationships, she saw that each time she identified the “red flags” sooner, she left with more immediacy and conviction. This boosted Chris’s self-confidence and helped her to trust her intuition.

Even though Chris’s upbringing was wrought with abuse and neglect, she refused to allow her children to witness or experience what she had endured. Thanks to her attentive, consistent, and loving parenting, and innate maternal instincts, her children – now adults – have all pursued healthy relationships.

Chris learned to trust her instincts and inner wisdom when evaluating relationships. She also learned to forgive herself, as well as her parents, and commit to the life she truly deserved and desired.

You are not alone.

For many clients, the idea of being single and alone is more anxiety-provoking than staying in an unhealthy, unsatisfying, and even abusive relationship.

If you have children, you are navigating feelings of guilt for disrupting the family unit; if you are financially limited, you fear basic survival; if you have a history of failed marriages, you can’t imagine taking another risk down the road.

Though you feel paralyzed by your fears and insecurities, this relationship is chipping away at your soul and creating a heaviness in your heart that makes it hard to breathe. If you only had someone you could trust – a person to walk you through this rough terrain and a safe place to unload this darkness – you may find peace again.

This is your safe place – a place of compassion, understanding, growth & healing. You are not alone in your suffering; I will help you discover your truth, your voice and your formula for recovery. Here, I will dust off your soul.

Your deepest fears and vulnerabilities will dissolve as you learn to trust yourself again, in all your wisdom, strength and resiliency.

Your challenges will not break you.

They are simply part of your life curricula designed to make you stronger. There is a higher version of you – that once unleashed – will lead you to an enlightened path. You will recovery, fully and completely, and be whole again