Chronic Pain and Illness

he impact of life stress on health.

Michael* relocated to the area to marry and build a life with Sharon* and her two young children.

Although he was leaving a fulfilling career, many close friends, an active social life, and a perfect climate, he knew Sharon was his one true love and soulmate.

Seven years into the relationship, he found himself in the most stressful, unsatisfying career he had ever experienced. His work/life balance had completely spiraled out of control, and his physical health had taken a hit.

The lack of sunlight and outdoor activity had compounded his depression. Michael had easily gained 50 pounds over the previous few years, and his physical energy was almost non-existent. More recently, he had been experiencing chronic pain in his head, neck, shoulders, and low back. He constantly craved sleep and barely had the stamina to endure the activities of daily life, let alone his high responsibility/high stress job.

Relationship stress compounds matters.

Michael’s life revolved around work and his family, whom he adored. And even though his partner knew he loathed his new job, she pressured him to stay because of his high salary, benefits, and impressive compensation package. He had been more than generous with his financial resources, but he felt as if Sharon expected him to pick up the slack for her dead-beat ex-husband.

Every time Sharon caught him looking for work elsewhere, it erupted into a fight. She began “nit-picking” his spending habits and kept him on a short leash in terms of his free time. Sharon seemed to resent anything he did for himself or to improve his circumstances. Michael felt as if he’d lost his freedom and was about to lose his mind.

Tests revealed that Michael had active Epstein Barr Virus and some thyroid issues. His medical provider prescribed rest, time off work, and medication to regulate his thyroid. Michael was afraid that when Sharon caught wind of his doctor’s orders to take medical leave she would come undone.

Something must change.

Michael was a spiritual person by nature and saw the limitations of western medicine and mainstream therapy. He understood the mind/body connection and knew he needed to heal emotionally in order to regain his physical health. Through hypnosis, Michael’s unique formula for recovery began to unfold.

We began challenging and replacing old ways of thinking with healthier, more empowering thoughts. This created a whole new repertoire of choices for Michael to consider.

Michael found the strength to have an honest and compassionate conversation with his wife, Sharon. He shared his plan to regain his health as a pathway for creating a more stable, balanced life for their entire family. He encouraged Sharon to seek counseling to deal with her own fears and insecurities – which she agreed was a reasonable request.

The more solution-focused and proactive Michael became, the less trapped he felt – and the more his physical energy began to emerge.

Taking a holistic approach.

Michael began to research an alternative medicine rehabilitation facility in San Francisco that provided naturopathic treatment for his Epstein Barr and thyroid conditions. There was a nutritionist on staff to help manage his symptoms and get his weight under control. This coupled with yoga, meditation, and seminars on managing chronic conditions was just the bridge he needed to restore his health.

Hypnosis helped Michael generate his own solutions.

In a few short months, he learned to trust his instincts, speak his truth, and create a plan for recovery that resonated well with his soul. By choosing his own path, Michael felt capable and empowered. In fact, it wasn’t too long before Michael noticed that his body began healing spontaneously. His self-determination, proactive behavior, and strong sense of personal responsibility inspired a full recovery.

Finding your way back.

Michael realized that his current job and commute was causing too much stress, anxiety, and depression; so he decided to reach out to a few recruiters to help him find a home-based position in his field.

Six sessions into hypnosis, Michael took a formal medical leave from his current position and arranged treatment at the alternative medicine rehabilitation facility.

When Michael completed this in-patient treatment, he resumed hypnosis. He began to see how he could take the healthy elements of his prior life and recreate them here – by joining a gym, taking yoga and martial arts, and making healthier nutrition choices. He incorporated juicing and vegan cooking back into his life.

Several hypnosis sessions later, the Epstein Barr virus was inactive, his thyroid condition was managed well, and he had lost over 20 pounds. He was also able to find a local naturopathic clinic to monitor and manage his care.

Shortly thereafter, Michael landed a new position working from home. He now had the perfect life/work balance he needed to maintain his mental and physical health.

Hypnosis helped Michael find the courage, strength, and emotional fortitude to initiate change in his life.

It’s time for YOU to be courageous and break the cycle!

Michael began to experience the profound connection between mind and body. He came to understand how disempowering thoughts and behavior had a negative impact on his mental and physical health.

Hypnosis empowered Michael to break the cycle of despair and make healthier choices. This ultimately saved his marriage, restored his physical health, and gave him back his zest for life.

For the first time in a very long time, Michael had peace and happiness.