If you are serious about losing weight and improving your physical health, especially after a long period of inactivity, wouldn’t it make sense to hire a personal trainer? Or if the issue is not that you need a trainer, but you lack motivation, how about an accountability partner?

Some may wait until their health is at risk before acting, but many times our own vanity voluntarily ushers us right to the gym or produce section.

But what about the emotional body? At what point do we hire someone to get our mind in shape and our thoughts in order? How do we know when the emotional weight we carry is becoming a burden to our physical health? Have we even considered that our physical condition may have an emotional root?

It typically takes multiple failed relationships or precarious life predicaments before we begin seeking help to address our mental health. And by this point we may be feeling so desperate, exhausted, and beaten down that we are more interested in finding the magic pill or quick fix than discovering the root cause or cure. So now, even though our depression or anxiety or anger is dulled, nothing is solved, and the same patterns are destined to repeat.

Add in traditional therapy – while it is nice to bend a professional ear, it rarely provides the kind of enlightenment, tools, and new life formula needed to extinguish and replace old life scripts and recurrent patterns. In fact, when life evens out, we are still likely to cling to what’s familiar than to break new healthier ground.  Yet, because our insurance covers this, we will sit in the illusion that someone outside of ourselves has all the answers. It’s easier this way. It’s the path of least resistance – which is the very path that led to our current emotional demise.

But the most effective way, isn’t typically the easiest way – and the intuitive mind knows this. You’ve heard fitness experts talk about the importance of stimulating different muscles groups to build strength and avoid stagnation or weight loss plateaus. Thus, you are coached to switch up your cardio and weight-lifting routine to get the maximum benefit.

Your personal trainer (AKA coach/guide) writes a program to help you reach your physical fitness goals, but YOU do the work. And the work is NOT easy. It’s varied. It’s challenging and tricky. It sometimes pushes you, which initially creates discomfort, but after a while feels and LOOKS great! It’s that feeling of mastery that keeps you motivated and energized.

That’s how significant change occurs.

It’s not like you’ll need that personal trainer forever, but rather just long enough to find the right combination of movement, intensity, and frequency that you can sustain on your own.

So, here’s a framework for understanding hypnosis: just as a personal trainer trains the physical body, a hypnotist trains the mental body. That’s right – a hypnotist is a “mind trainer” – or a sort of coach or guide who writes a program with you and for you to help you reach your emotional/mental fitness goals. It is a process of using different tools and looking through a different lens or from a different vantage point to awaken feelings and thoughts; to deepen one’s understanding and awareness; and to expand one’s perspective and repertoire of choices or behaviors.

And yes, it challenges you; it pushes you; and at times creates discomfort. Yet, over time, with practice, this rigorous and varied routine – or Olympics of the Mind – builds emotional strength, intelligence, resilience, and mastery.

And THIS is also how significant change occurs.

Just the same – YOU do the work; you are the discoverer of truth wherein lies the cure and life formula for enlightenment, inner peace, and abundance.

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