sleep issues

Get a Good Night’s Rest Through Hypnosis

Imagining the worst-case scenarios.

June knew she should have told her new supervisor the truth. She had been struggling with a few of her employees for months.  It just seems easier to pick up the slack herself than to risk getting someone else fired. She has gone over and over in her head everything she has done and said, behind the scenes, to try and inspire change.  The mental and physical stress is affecting her ability to concentrate and disrupting her peace of mind.

A mind that replays unsettling dialogue and scenes.

Carlos is in the middle of a stressful divorce – parenting plans, the splitting of assets and a co-owned business now at risk of closing. It is difficult managing his day-to-day life now that his sleep has been disrupted from the stress.  At night, he thinks of all the hurtful things his soon to be ex-wife has said or done to derail his life and he worries obsessively about finances.

Choices that do not reflect our highest and best self.

At one time, there were just a couple triggers to his Gene’s gambling addiction, like a bad day at work or an argument with his wife. Now everything seems to be a trigger and gambling seems to be the only thing that calms him down. Gene and his wife are on brink of divorce; he cannot pay his bills, and his job is at stake. Once a top salesman with a picture-perfect family life, now he can barely hold his head up in public. His inner dialogue is dark and relentless and his sleep severely disrupted, which just feeds the addiction cycle. He is fraught with guilt, anxiety, and a sense of hopelessness for his misguided choices.

Unresolved subconscious conflicts.

Marybeth cannot pinpoint the exact cause of her anxiety, nor can she seem to manage it. She has a satisfying and lucrative career and a wonderful circle of supportive friends with just a handful of years to go before retiring.  Her husband, now retired, spends much of his downtime on the golf course with his drinking buddies. There is a history of alcoholism in her family, but she does not believe her husband’s behavior is problematic. Her anxiety has created a pattern of stress eating and late-night binging.

Setting boundaries can stabilize emotions.

The intellectual part of June’s mind knew the solution to her work problem; yet her emotional mind was hyper-focused on an ineffectual approach and worst-case scenarios. In hypnosis, when her mind was deeply relaxed and out of distress, she began to see how establishing clear boundaries would resolve her issues and restore her sense of inner peace. This deeper state of consciousness allowed her to explore other life situations where these lines had been blurred. Using her own inner wisdom and life experience, she began to understand concepts like balance, equal reciprocity, and shared responsibility.

Focusing on things you can positively impact.

Some chair time for Carlos helped him realize that his anxiety stemmed from focusing too much on the past, the unknown and the uncontrollable components his life. Once he began to shift his focus on the here and now – and on the things he could control, his moods and sleep patterns improved, and each day felt more manageable.  Being able to tap into his own intuitive wisdom and strength was invaluable to Carlos. It allowed him to broaden his perspective and consider all the possible positive outcomes.

Self-forgiveness releases the guilt that creates anxiety.

Once Gene learned to forgive himself and have compassion for the parts of him that felt unworthy, he could let go of the guilt and heaviness inside. He had tools to turn down the noise in his head and relieve the tightness in his shoulders and chest so he could relax and breathe. Hypnosis helped him access the higher mind and authentic self who was already familiar and capable of navigating life more responsibly, confidently, and gracefully. Once Gene’s behavior was in alignment with the highest and best version of himself, there was no reason for the anxiety to linger.

Reframing the past and culling out the wisdom.

Marybeth utilized hypnosis to identify the source of her anxiety. Her retired husband’s drinking triggered a fight or flight response in her that stemmed from her childhood. Her alcoholic father often paired drinking with sports and social outings, which created a lot of conflict at home. Deeper exploration of this connection revealed distinct dissimilarities between her past and current situation. The wisdom Marybeth gleaned through hypnosis was that her present adult-self did not need to feel that same level of anxiety and vulnerability that she felt as a child. At this stage in her life, she could freely express her feelings and concerns to her husband, as an equal partner in their relationship.

Learning to manage anxiety and the triggers.

Hypnosis is an incredible mechanism for identifying and addressing the cognitive, mental, emotional, and physical components of stress and sleep issues. Inconsistencies between thoughts and behavior; inability to filter, prioritize and compartmentalize distractions; allowing old scripts or self-criticisms to rule the mind or playing out worst case scenarios based on past trauma or limited information – there are so many factors that create anxiety – all of which can be managed through education, tools, and healthy practices.

Life after hypnosis.

The benefits of hypnosis are incalculable for those who choose to invest in their own healing journey – confidence, humor, emotional resiliency, insight, self-love, balance and much more. What is more empowering and satisfying than being able to access your own inner wisdom and generate your own solutions and healing formula? To be able to monitor and influence the way you think, feel and respond to stress?

You – feeling calm, confident and in-control.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if anxiety did not completely empty your tank of energy? Just imagine what you could achieve in life if you were not overwhelmed by stress or consumed by unproductive worry? This is your opportunity to take back your power and live an emotionally lighter life.