NO. NO. NO. I didn’t want to think it and could barely even imagine it – giving gluten the old heave-ho. It was terribly inconvenient and incredibly frustrating. Yet I just knew I needed to do this to feel better.

Fast forward 12 years, the 8 pounds I unintentionally shed NEVER came back. Several of my mysterious symptoms disappeared, too.

This, my friends, was the work of the Higher Mind.

Now what? Dairy…forget it. I love cheese. The reality was – cheese didn’t like me. Oh yes, I tried digestive aids, varying the kind of cheese I consumed and tapering down. But there it was, that mind/body connection telling me that dairy was not a good choice. So, for the most part, I gave this the old heave-ho, too.

Another few pounds slid off, which was nice, but the thing that kept me motivated was how I felt physically. Mental fog, gone. The volume on my inflammation now turned down, too.

Again, isn’t the Higher Mind brilliant?

Go away. I don’t want to know it. Animal fat, no good either. But I come from a long line of meat eaters and what will I ever feed myself or my family for dinner? Well, that needed to go, too. And I strongly suspect I’m not the only one who CANNOT process meat.

When I gave up most meat, my insomnia disappeared, as did my migraines. Coincidence? I doubt it.  And again, a few more pounds now gone.

Wow, Higher Mind…keep going.   Sugar. Yep. Mostly gone.  Ah huh. You’re starting to get it.

Some of you are thinking: What the heck do you eat, Amy? My answer – everything else that is NOT processed.

And how do you find the discipline? Do you ever cheat and eat something my body doesn’t like? Heck yeah, I’m human – but I’ve come to respect my body’s limitations and have found the motivation to toe the line – MOST of the time – or simply face the consequences of my own uninspired choices.

Now, you may think, “My body can tolerate anything and THAT is what’s causing my weight problem.”

NEWSFLASH – if you are carrying extra weight, 10 pounds or more – NO, you most definitely cannot tolerate eating anything. And I’m going to place a strong bet on the fact that this perceived immunity to all food is the work of the “critical factor,” the part of the conscious mind that filters out inconvenient or unsavory information (excuse the pun).

In fact, I wonder how many of you are walking around with food allergies, intolerances, underlying autoimmune issues and mystery symptoms that you continue to ignore – and the by-product is not only weight gain, but inflammation, digestive issues, chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, and whole heap of other challenges that will bubble to the surface before too long.

And you have yet to piece this all together!

Look, the conscious mind will deceive you into thinking that looking better is the best reason for losing weight and that feeling better about yourself will keep you motivated.  But I warn you against this short-sighted and superficial approach. Consider this: in the past, have you made a steadfast effort to stay the course, even during the times you gained a few pounds or hit a plateau? Isn’t this typically how one’s weight loss journey is completely derailed – when one’s mood and self-esteem plummets? When that instant gratification is gone? That’s right. It happens all the time and this is because vanity weight loss is a lackluster reason for losing weight.

The Higher Mind is so much more genius in keeping you on the enlightened path. It helps strengthen the mind/body connection so that you can experience the multitude of reasons and benefits for making long-term inspired choices.  It reveals the deeper connections between symptoms and signs of imbalance that occur as a direct result of poor food choices.

My choices came from the strong desire to feel better and keep my symptoms at bay, which completely overruled my need to overindulge. And although the choices I made had little to do with weight management, I promise you that slimming down was indeed the permanent by-product.

Making inspired food choices can regulate emotions, improve focus, address insomnia, reduce chronic pain, eliminate migraines, clear up skin issues, digestive issues and so much more!

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