Maybe you feel unappreciated and there is mounting evidence to support this.

Someone left you high and dry – financially or emotionally – and you’ve taken on more than you feel you can handle.

Perhaps the trauma side of yourself made some ill-advised or unenlightened choices that led to an undesired consequence.

Wherever your life story has led you, your actions (or reactions) henceforth will be exemplary simply because you are, after all, a good person who always does the right thing.

But then comes resentment – the heavy, gut-wrenching, disquieting, unsettling feeling you can’t seem to shake.

Part of you is angry at yourself. If only you had seen this coming and had some time to prepare. If only you had bolted sooner or awakened earlier. The other part of you is angry at the villain who sealed your fate.

You are so resentful toward your life you can’t see straight. And now, you are STUCK doing the “right thing” – being the good person or more accurately, the excessively good person.

After all, you have no other choice. You are handcuffed to a good and unjust life…overworked, overextended and burning the candles at both ends. Or perhaps sitting forcibly in an uninspiring situation – helpless and paralyzed – because this is what a good person does, isn’t it? The classic “I made my bed, now I must lie in it” protocol.

But let’s face it, being a “good” person and resenting it – keeps us emotionally stuck. Being forced into a situation that appears to offer no choices or no detours feels discouraging, hopeless and depressing.

Wouldn’t it be healthier to do the right thing for the right reason? To learn to accept – and even embrace your circumstances and lose the resentment piece? To squeeze out some sort of positivity from this season of life?  To cull out the wisdom and use it to your own advantage? To use it as a character building exercise?

What if doing the right thing – amidst the most difficult of situations – had something to teach you? Awakened you to a higher purpose? Created greater levels of self-awareness? Unleashed the spiritual part of you?

What if – by adjusting your perspective – the emotional/spiritual body could recover and mature such that the concept of being “good” felt less self-restrictive and punitive and more soulful and empowering?

What if being “good” and resenting it was part of a deeply held conviction that needed to be challenged, replaced, or expanded?

After all, being forced out of your comfort zone into something emotionally, physically or spiritually challenging can help you confront your fears and uncover your strengths. Being walked out on the ledge of life may, in essence, can help you discover your wings.

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