We can get caught up in the origin, the history and story; the framework or model; the jargon, techniques, methods, and tools – or the ceremonial presentation of any one of the Energy Healing modalities. We can choose to practice or receive one form over another – based on research, a special connection we have to a particular modality or a gut level feeling. And frankly, our experience will likely range somewhere between mediocre to highly impactful with immediate or latent benefits.

Why is this? What creates this effect or lack thereof? Was it me or you? The tools or the timing? Or is this all just “bunk”?

By now you may have guessed that this article is NOT about touting the superiority of one form of energy healing over another. Nor will I try and convince the “non-believers” of an entire field of practice that is not uniformly embraced. I believe each modality has merit and value – because if you look beyond the subtle nuances, the goals are essentially the same – to realign, balance and heal the energies within.

One of the more well-known modalities, Reiki, is a Japanese form of energy healing whereby “universal energy” is transferred through the palms of a practitioner’s hands into a client to promote emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing. The purpose is to realign and balances the energy fields or “life force” energy (aka: “chakras”). Practitioners are trained to align themselves with and access this “life force” energy.

Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (“ARCH”), which I have chosen to practice, comes from an ancient Hawaiian tradition. The “Rainbow People” of this region were thought to have the most pure and direct connection to universal or source energy; thus, they could align themselves with this higher vibration “Rainbow” energy and serve as a conduit to promote emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing on a cellular level.

So – you ask – if Reiki and ARCH are so similar in effect – why have I chosen to practice one over the other?

“ARCH” teaches, facilitates, and empowers clients to tap into their own intuitive wisdom to identify and release the negative energies and imbalances within themselves. They are also provided guidance and instruction for tapping into a higher vibrational energy, using their own spiritual framework. It is an active verses passive experience for the client where the “steering” is shared.  Clients need not know a thing about chakras or the spiritual realm for this process to promote healing. They simply need to enter in with an open mind, heart, and soul.

The other component of “ARCH” that is so refreshing – and may create some added value – is that my clients are typically in the “theta” state (a process facilitated by hypnotists) which creates a greater receptivity to these healing energies. And when the full spectrum of “Rainbow Energies” is accessed, imagine the benefits of each of the 7 colors (or energies) corresponding powerfully and distinctly to each of the 7 main chakras in the body.

Bottom line: There are many exquisite energy healing modalities, as well as gifted practitioners.  No matter what the origin, claim or nuances are of each, I firmly believe the  effectiveness of any energy healing modality and experience boils down to these three factors: the vibrational frequency of the practitioner and his/her consistent attunement to this “universal energy” (making him/her the “ideal” conduit); the intention, purity and humble nature of the practitioner in acknowledging the origin and nature of the energy (the energy comes “through” rather than “from” the practitioner) and the openness of the client not only to receive these healing energies but to practice a lifestyle that reinforces these high frequencies.

How can a person reinforce the benefits of energy healing and sustain these high frequencies? By weaving other healing modalities and practices into his/her lifestyle – like yoga, meditation, hypnosis, etc. – all of which quiet and condition the mind, body, and soul to attune to higher frequencies and ignite the healer within.

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