If you have ever wondered how effective hypnosis is for weight loss, let me first set the record straight. There is no hypno-wand or magical set of (post-hypnotic) suggestions that will singularly and effortlessly peel the weight off quickly and painlessly. So, hypnosis is NOT a shortcut, nor does it do the work for you while you recline in a chair (if only!). Just like anything else in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. Your consistency and participation during and in between sessions determines how well this program will work.  I will also say this, for those who have struggled with a lifetime of weight issues, hypnosis – in combination with other reasonable interventions – is often the missing and critical ingredient to the long-term weight loss formula.

Consider this – how many times and how many diet programs have you already tried just to find the weight piling back on months or years later? This is because it is not just about disciplining yourself to eat healthy and move your body more, it is also about identifying and extinguishing the emotional triggers that create self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This is where hypnosis comes in; it is an effective and powerful vehicle for managing these triggers and breaking an unhealthy lifelong relationship with food. Think of it this way, losing weight has as much to do with what you feed your mind as it does your body.

Have you found yourself buying into diet plans that make your food for you or tell you what and exactly how much you should eat per meal and per day? Well even if your premade diet food is somewhat palatable, ultimately you are not doing yourself any favors. Most of these short-cuts are expensive, not terribly practical and inevitably unsustainable. And as for measuring your food, I cannot think of a more neurotic, self-sacrificial and punitive way to beat yourself into submission. Sooner or later, you will retaliate. Truth be told, you already instinctively know the things your body needs to consume or avoid in order to thrive.

Whereas there are indeed some universal principles for losing weight, hypnosis helps you tap your own inner wisdom and intuition to determine how to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle that works best for you. By learning to turn the volume down on life stressors and triggers, in time, you can begin to sense your body’s own natural signals. Also, when you have tools for managing triggers to emotional eating, you can learn to eat in response to physical hunger rather than having your thoughts or moods drive your patterns.

Think of your relationship with a hypnotherapist as that of an athlete and a coach – except THIS kind of coach works on your mind by putting you in “theta” state so you are more open and receptive to change. This state is also the gateway to the subconscious mind where profound insights occur, along with creative problem solving. I think most of us would agree that we think more logically and make better choices when we are calm, relaxed and open.

As your weight gain likely represents layers of emotional heaviness and past trauma, an effective weight loss program focuses on releasing trauma, self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others, self-love and self-care. So, as you can imagine, this approach is so much deeper and more expansive than just teaching you (or “programming” your mind) to eat healthy and move your body more. Hypnosis is about helping you understand your own unique wiring, replacing the thoughts/emotions/choices that work against you and empowering you to use your own inner wisdom to change.  And this protocol connects you with the highest and best version of you who knows how to attract the desired outcomes.

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