The bitter. The empty. The echo. The silence. The overload.

And there you sit, ultimately alone, neck deep in something you cannot escape. You are sinking in your own grief, and you fight the urge to shut out the world. You know no one can save you and there are no words to comfort you. This feeling, familiar or not, engulfs you and threatens to choke you. All you can do is breathe in, breathe out and try to digest something you know is toxic.

Knowing you cannot rise above it, nor can you fight it, you struggle to accommodate it before it completely consumes you. Addiction. Disturbed sleep. Irritability. Restlessness. Depression. Guilt. Isolation. It is now a part of you. It is like an extra appendage – awkward, heavy, exhausting.

Engage it and it teaches you. Enlightens you. Speaks to you. Slows you down. Smooths out the rough edges of your heart. Dusts off your soul. And this is the power of hypnosis and the hidden grace in suffering – learning to embrace all parts of you – to breath in the wisdom and breath out the heaviness.

When something feels too heavy and overwhelming, most of us are hardwired, as a matter of survival, to submit or surrender to a source greater than our ordinary selves or outside our ordinary reality for resolve. In the chair, we learn to access the higher self or a higher power/intelligence – whatever it is that frees us – and extend beyond our physical being into the depths of soul or even another realm where a deeper wisdom can be found.

Wherever it is we go to find grace, it expands our emotional and spiritual horizons and gives us a safe landing and inferred permission to move forward without fear. And in this place of resolve, our suffering no longer feels like too much, but rather just enough to move us beyond the darkness of defeat into a place of growth, recovery and renewal.

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