For some of us, it is easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves. When someone close to us hurts us, we exchange words; move through a range of emotions; process; seek to understand; search for deeper meaning – and then, depending on our nature, we either seek to resolve the discord, so we can feel a sense of emotional grounding, regain our peace and mend the relationship. Or we sweep it under the rug and place our focus elsewhere hoping and praying this conflict never resurfaces. Either way, most of the time, we find it within ourselves to move on.

But what if we are the one seeking amnesty and our loved one just can’t let it go? What if we have gone great lengths to make amends and still the other person constantly reminds us of our mistake? What if our mistake was an isolated incident that we deeply regret? How long do we hang in there – unforgiven and beaten down – before we walk away?

The bigger question is – are you strong enough to forgive yourself? Are you willing to “lean in” rather than “abandon” yourself amidst emotional conflict and turmoil? Because, if you are not, THIS can take quite a toll on your emotional and physical health in the form of sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, addiction, fatigue, immune issues – the list goes on.

Forgiveness is indeed a higher-level principle that requires self-awareness, self-responsibility, humility, compassion, emotional intelligence and spiritual discipline and THAT is where hypnosis comes into play – applying these principles to oneself. Ultimately – YOU are only responsible for YOU – since you cannot control how others react or respond. Moreover, there are no magical words or incantations that will catapult your loved one into a state of recovery and enlightenment. This is why the focus needs to be on your own recovery and enlightenment – which includes forgiveness of self.

Hypnosis helps you shift between feelings of self-hatred and guilt to a place of self-love and acceptance. It helps you to stop magnifying your weaknesses and break the cycle of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. And it helps you uncover your own resources, strengths, tools and inner wisdom and to tuck away the tainted lens of your darkest hour.

When time is dedicated to the chair – to journey inward – one can learn to shed the injury and cull out the wisdom – to gain insight, understanding and compassion for oneself and release the poison.  And alas – once the stinger is out, you can stop experiencing the “pain loop” – and your body, mind and soul can recalibrate to the frequency of the Higher self.

There IS a healthy way of wrestling with our own imperfections based on the principles of accountability and unconditional self-love which are so much more productive and empowering than guilt and self-deprecation.

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