French composer Claude Debussy said, “Music is the space between the notes.” In essence, it is the silence that enhances the beauty, the power, and the fullness of the sound. For each note followed by a pause, creates a resonance or echo that is needed to capture the full intent, the gravity and the meaning behind the music.

This is the power of creating stillness and silence in our own life. The pause created through prayer, meditation or reflection allows us time to experience the fullness of our own existence – the understanding that there is more to us than the physical, the audible, the observable. We are, in fact, spiritual beings with immeasurable gifts of knowledge, wisdom, interpretation, and discernment. We are divinely and innately equipped with a fierce intuition that transcends the physical, the logical or the explainable.

There is nothing empty, vacant or bare about being silent or still. It is, in fact, a time of great harvest – enriching, bountiful and productive. Commit to a daily moratorium – a suspension – a postponement of activity – and allow clarity and resolve to emerge naturally and organically; allow yourself to transcend circumstance and dwell in a higher plane of awareness.

Just quiet your mind and wait for the echo of wisdom. Hear the echo of forgiveness and compassion toward self and others; Hear the echo of love, of serenity and inner peace – of all things pure and sacred.

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Amy Marohn
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