At this point in my career, I have done my fair share of clearings (AKA: Energy Healing on Spaces).

Yes, I communicate with Spirits and I’m willing to bet a great many of you also have had some encounters of your own.

I sense energies or disturbances in energies, to be more accurate – and clear them out, while pulling in higher frequency energies. I use my inner eye and non-ordinary senses, which send me signals, downloads and information that direct me in my work.

Some of the energies can be and have been captured on video or audio or both. Mind you, I’m not there voyeuristically, using these experiences as a source of entertainment or excitement – but rather as a healer of spaces who understands the beneficial outcomes of removing the energy of trauma from a home.

When the disturbances are obvious – like knocking, drafts or significant drops in temperature, moving or missing objects, voices, footsteps, or a feeling like your being watched or followed – the goal is to uncover the cause – if possible, and then to quiet the energies or ideally, remove them completely. On occasion, this can take repeat efforts.

But what about the less obvious ways the energy of trauma can interrupt inhabitants of a space? Insomnia, anxiety, depression, anger, addictions, fear/fight or flight, restlessness, illness, headaches, fatigue, surges of heavy moods, etc. How do you even know the energies in your home are indeed the culprit?

That’s where it helps to understand the energetic history of a home. Do you or did anyone in your space struggle with addiction issues? Is there or was there constant conflicts or fighting? How about the prior residents? Was it a crime scene? Did someone die an unpeaceful death in your space?

Was there ever a time your home was filled with persistent or significant emotional chaos or unpleasantries?

If the answer is yes – chances are you’d have much to gain by having your home energetically cleared – or more accurately, energetically healed.

I’d like to share a quick story of a teenage girl who was being seen in my space for insomnia, behavioral issues, conflicts at school and a host of other challenges. On her third visit, she disclosed, with her parents present, that she felt a disturbing energy in her home and more specifically in her bedroom at night. This was the reason for her insomnia and over-reliance on electronics to distract her through the evening hours. And this lack of sleep made it difficult for her to concentrate during the day and regulate her emotions at school and at home.

I cleared her space and yes, removed a few unsavory energies and pulled in a higher frequency energy. And there it was – the solution or at least most of the solution. This young lady now felt safe in her home and bedroom so she could sleep confidently through the night. Three months and counting, her grades improved substantially and the conflict at school and home dissipated. At about the six-month mark her parents texted to tell me their daughter was winning an academic reward.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but I think not. I believe our sessions, plus the energy work on her space together created this favorable outcome.

I have so many incredible stories of homes I’ve cleared over the years – of homes on the market that sold nearly overnight after sitting weeks or longer with few offers; of clients whose mysterious disturbances, like knocking and footsteps or moving objects, stopped immediately after an energetic intervention, etc.

Every home has an energetic history or a sort of cellular memory that absorbs the energy of those who live in it. And at times, it makes great sense to shift this energy either to remove an obvious disturbance or to transform your home into a sacred, welcoming and peaceful sanctuary.

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