Looking for answers.

Are you ready to break the cycle of dysfunctional relationship patterns? Sucked under by the belief you’re inherently weak or destined to relive the same patterns indefinitely as some sort of karmic debt?

Maybe you seek assistance after years of trying to tame an addiction without any long-term success. You’ve tried countless interventions but keep ending up right where you started. This is the last stop before completely giving in or giving up.

Pessimism, shame, and hopelessness are some of the feelings that interrupt the flow of joy.

In this space, clients are often surprised to discover their own instincts and tools for breaking such cycles. After all, they were expecting my expert advice or opinions, never imagining that I’d help them dig deep within themselves to find their own truth – their own answers.

Unlike the typical therapy experience.

You won’t need to find parking on the street, a crowded parking lot, or garage.

You’ll have your own VIP parking space less than 10 feet from my door. You’ll rarely wait for this spot, and you’ll never have to circle around the block until a space opens-up.

You won’t be checking in at a front desk or sitting in a waiting area, shuffling mindlessly through pop psychology and wilderness magazines (that’s not why you’re here; your time is too valuable).

I will greet you myself with a warm smile. I will be genuinely happy to see you, because this work is my divine calling. And I always trust in the Universe to draw in clients who will assuredly benefit and flourish in this kind of setting.

Forget the formalities – kick off your shoes, fling your coat on a couch or chair, and let’s get acquainted (or reacquainted), because I delight in getting to know you.

While we sit by the living room fireplace, tell me about your day/week – your successes, struggles, or epiphanies. This is your time, uninterrupted by phones; a burned out, distracted, and uninspired therapist with back-to-back clients; or the pressure of strict 50-minute-long sessions. There will be nothing ordinary, impersonal, or unproductive about this experience.

Come as you are.

No need to “pull yourself together” or cancel, because you are exhausted, overwhelmed or depressed.

Our best work done when you are feeling most vulnerable and you can speak honestly from the depths of your heart, uncensored and fully exposed. Just know that if you arrive here with an empty tank, you can plan on leaving here with a full tank.

In THE RECLINING CHAIR, I will teach you the art of letting go of time, removing all unnecessary distractions and relaxing your physical body beyond anything you have experienced, other than sleep – but in some cases, better than sleep. Your mind will be fully awake and alert, yet calm and focused.

Candles, aromatherapy, soft music and guided imagery will gently, gradually and peacefully transition you into subconscious world.

In this space – in this peaceful sanctuary – you will experience profound, organic transformation and best of all – relief and recovery. You will feel lighter, emotionally and physically – and in time, you will be masterfully equipped to take on the challenges of life with confidence and grace.

Your decisions will feel comfortable, grounded, and empowering.

One phone call away from relief.

Make that one call now that can change your life forever at (425) 229-1480.

Break the pattern of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Get the best return on your investment you could ever imagine.

About Me

I am Amy – your hypnotist, coach, and guide.

Master’s level Rehabilitation Counselor, certified Hypnotist, Energy Worker, Humorist, and Recovering Chaos Addict.

I value intuition over formal protocol and textbook explanations; clients over clinicians in identifying the most effective formula for recovery; joy over suffering – as most of the pressure we place on ourselves is simply unnecessary, misguided, and masochistic.

I see the humor in everyday life and challenges.

So, let me start by removing your mother’s voice (or father’s voice) from your head, because it’s squelching your joy and preventing you from discovering your own true voice.

Let me help you challenge any dishonoring thoughts and beliefs, so you may rewrite your story with a new set of rules and a much happier ending.

The truth is – you are innately wired to resolve conflict and live an emotionally peaceful life. Your past or present circumstances – no matter how distressing, harmful, or unfavorable – do not dictate your future. Your power comes from within – and can be fueled by your challenges, rather than extinguished.

When I’m not doing Hypnotherapy….

I’m exploring a new city, town, or village and stumbling into a bookstore or coffee shop just to soak up the atmosphere and visit life outside my own space.

Hardly a night owl, I occasionally catch an evening musical or play downtown with my delightful teenage son and our live-in grandma. It’s quite the challenge entertaining a teen and an octogenarian.

To me cooking is like an artistic experiment – where others open their fridge and see lifeless leftovers, I see an emerging casserole. I remind my family not to get too attached to any one dish, as I will not likely remember exact ingredients or measurements. I am Queen of the Right Brain, and the words Standard Protocol cause me to wince.