About Amy


I began my journey toward alternative treatment and non-Western medicine about 7 years ago when I was struck with an autoimmune condition.  It seemed the sicker I became, the less doctors in my own community were inspired to help and the less inclined they were to try and uncover the root of my symptoms.  And as I continued to struggle with daily flu symptoms, fevers, chronic pain and rapid weight loss, the general medical consensus was that I likely had a virus or viruses that ultimately could not be treated and would eventually resolve itself.

Two and a half years into this battle, I began my own research and found a doctor just outside of Detroit, Michigan who would soon thereafter diagnose me and begin my treatment. After 7 months, much to the surprise and frustration of my doctor, the treatment was ineffective and I continued on this downward spiral. I withdrew from treatment, as it became clear such efforts were fruitless and my resources had been stretched far too thin.  For the months to follow, life seemed to consist of a multitude of trips to local ER’s with infections that didn’t seem to respond well to antibiotics and an indescribable fatigue that made it difficult for me to function normally for more than a handful of hours each day.  I was living my worst nightmare, as I decided to leave my corporate position and withdraw from other business and social commitments.

I remember having a stern talk with God at which time I said “either take me or heal me, but do NOT leave me like this.”  I had been fighting too long trying to function like everything was normal when it clearly wasn’t.  And I was consumed with anger and frustration at my circumstances – as I was a single mom with an elderly mother now living with me.  I wondered how letting go of my anger and frustration would affect my health; I wondered if leaving a high-pressure corporate job would impact my life; and I wondered what other toxic energy bubbled beneath the surface of my mind that may have contributed to my illness – or perhaps stifled my ability to climb out of this living hell.

After much prayer and meditation, it struck me –  I needed to learn to surrender to the very circumstances I could not control; I needed to change the way I lived my life to better accommodate my “symptoms” and I needed to find a new career that would allow me to heal organically.  So – with chronic fatigue, flu symptoms, and indescribable fatigue, I decided to enroll in the fast track program for hypnotherapy training. During this time, I not only received hypnotherapy treatment myself, as part of my training, but I began experimenting with Reiki treatment, massage, nutrition, exercise and other forms of natural and alternative treatment.  Miraculously, about half way through my training and experimentation, my fatigue gradually began to lift.  Six months later, my infections and viruses disappeared and my flu symptoms began to dissipate.  Roughly, one year later, I felt almost normal – and today, I am virtually symptom free.

The articles I posted on my website were all written during this miraculous transition and time of great enlightenment. I hope my story and insights will inspire you to challenge any preconceived notions you may have about your own health & wellness – particularly those that have been imposed on you and have not been terribly effective.  Healing is not just physical – it is emotionally and spiritual – and it is not a linear process, but rather one that fluctuates and changes over time.

My hypnotherapy and spiritual healing practice is based on the following principles:

  • You are a resilient, empowered being.
  • You have the tools within yourself to influence change.
  • You are the expert in your own recovery.

I urge you to step outside your comfort zone and surrender to the wisdom of your  soul. 

Next Steps…

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