Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed and focused state where the subconscious mind can be accessed to create changes in the way you think, feel and behave. When our inner dialogue is positive and light, we naturally feel calm and in control. When we feel calm and in control, our choices tend to be more grounded and intentional verses reactive and impulsive.

Hypnosis helps you develop your own unique strategy for controlling the volume of thoughts and feelings that dominate your life. Once these strategies are mastered, there is no limit to what you can achieve behaviorally, such as a more fit and trim physique, a harmonious and satisfying marriage, a less stressful and more healthy relationship with a child or parent, and even an end to addictions.

Amy Marohn

Amy Marohn

Master’s level Rehabilitation Counselor, certified Hypnotist, Energy Worker, Humorist, and Recovering Chaos Addict.

I value intuition over formal protocol and textbook explanations; clients over clinicians in identifying the most effective formula for recovery; joy over suffering – as most of the pressure we place on ourselves is simply unnecessary, misguided, and masochistic.

Let me tell you what you want and need to know what it is and what it isn’t…

Some things that you might be concerned about….

Beatrice* was concerned she wouldn’t remember what she told me during her session… and that she might divulge something she wasn’t ready to share – or, even worse, something her mind had completely fabricated.

Also, one of her religious friends warned her that participating in hypnosis had been officially condemned by the Christian Church and was sacrilegious. Beatrice, a person of strong faith with an advanced degree in nursing and social work, decided to reach out to me anyway.

Addressing misconceptions….

During a phone intake, these misconceptions and concerns were fully addressed. I explained that, even during a deep state of relaxation, she would feel in control and could “wake-up” from a session at will. I also told her she would share the same kind of things with me she would share with a close friend or “talk therapist.”

All of this would be a natural process, rather than something forced, as her subconscious mind determines which memories to share. Our focus would be how her mind stored these memories and how they made her think and feel… rather than recalling every detail accurately.

It’s funny how incredibly misinformed people are about hypnosis…

We had a good chuckle about that. Here are the facts:

Hypnosis is NOT mind control and does NOT place you in an uncomfortably vulnerable state.

The memories, thoughts, and emotions drawn up in this deeply relaxed state and state of heightened focus come from you. You are neither asleep nor unconscious (or you would not respond at all, and this would just be an expensive nap).

“Suggestions” are generated by looking through the lens of your higher self or the most advanced version of you – and are a form of reframing or adjusting your perspective to something healthier and more empowering. This technique is based on the concept that all our answers/solutions come from within ourselves. After each session, you will remember everything – which is required for change to occur and to have a long-term effect.

It has NOTHING to do with religion.

The truth is that hypnosis is a grossly underutilized and incredibly transformative healing modality. Some churches have chosen to “immoralize” hypnotism, depicting it as unorthodox, cultish, dangerous, or a form of black magic. This kind of fear-based appeal is inaccurate, irrational, and intellectually (as well as spiritually) unsound.

It’s neither coercive, nor a form of brainwashing.

For over a century, thousands of well-respected physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists have been using hypnosis to help their patients. In 1956, Pope Pius XII officially approved hypnosis; and it has been endorsed by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association.

Every practitioner in the helping profession has his/her own set of beliefs – which unless advertised as a specific faith-based practice – should not impact the course of treatment. In my practice, I absolutely do ask clients what they believe – without judgment – because it impacts which tools, techniques and language I use to promote/facilitate healing. My job is to understand you and meet you where you are – verses pushing my own faith or beliefs onto you.

However, if you or your inner circle of friends, family, etc. follow strict religious doctrine, you may have difficulty trusting your own instincts and truth. This kind of guarded behavior will impact your progress, and you may be better served by finding a faith-based practitioner in a more mainstream setting (i.e., “talk therapy,” psychology, etc.). You need to be wholeheartedly comfortable with your decision and find a practitioner and modality that best align with who you are as a person.

Also, keep in mind, even though all hypnotists must be certified by an approved credentialing body and registered with the WA State Department of Health (which requires passing a background check), the level of experience and training varies considerably within this profession. I have found my master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and 25+ years of experience in the industry invaluable in shaping my practice and addressing the complex, multi-faceted needs of clients.

Making things worse: Mainstream media and stage hypnotism….

Their shameless, over-dramatized, and oversimplified representations have completely discredited professional hypnosis.

There is a tremendous difference between a Stage Hypnotist and a Professional Hypnotist. The former is based on illusion, trickery, “stage magic,” entertainment, persuasion, and suggestibility; the latter is based on accessing the subconscious mind, healing and recovery with therapeutic intent. They are entirely different professions with vastly different purposes, protocols, techniques, and tools.

A professional hypnotist would never supplant or elicit ridiculous thoughts or behaviors.

My role is to help you access your purest, most organic thoughts, which represent the highest and best version of you, as a pathway for promoting healthier, more empowering behavior. In my space, you are in a deep state of relaxation and heightened focus. Your subconscious mind selects memories (or more accurately “perceptions” of memories) that need to be processed from another perspective in order to gain greater clarity and resolve. You can “wake-up” anytime; you will never be coerced, and you will remember everything.

Dispelling the rumors and false notions….

Unethical and harmful practices can be found in any profession, industry, or society – secular or non-secular. Yet many discount the value of this kind of therapy because of “that one hypnotist,” neighbor’s opinion, or isolated incident.

As illustrated above, hypnotism used for entertainment is vastly different from working with a trained hypnotherapist where the focus is on healing and empowerment.

Use your own wisdom, common sense, and discernment. Do your own research and fact-checking. If hypnosis feels right, don’t stop there. Take time to find a practitioner that is a good fit for you.

What hypnosis actually is…

Hypnotism is a deep state of undistracted relaxation where one can focus on meaningful information for the purpose of resolving conflict in the mind or body, like depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, chronic pain, etc.

Something rather incredible occurs when we transition from a state of being fully alert, awake, and conscious (“talk therapy”) into a state of relaxation (“hypnosis”). During hypnosis, you are calm and inwardly focused. You can access the deeper memories of the subconscious mind and distant past… as well as stored emotions. In this state, you will enter an expanded state of awareness and self-reflection where permanent and profound changes occur.

You may be wondering what past circumstances have to do with your present circumstances.


You wonder why you need to access the distant past? Many of our present struggles are deeply rooted in our childhood experiences or, more accurately, our limited interpretation of experiences. Our childhood reflects the most vulnerable and impressionable time in our development, a time in which we unquestioningly absorb unhealthy and disempowering thoughts and behaviors. Later, we inadvertently carry them into adulthood.

For example, it is not uncommon for adult women to have inadvertently adopted the same attitudes and beliefs toward weight as their mother/grandmother – who may have felt being overweight is a sign of laziness, emotional weakness, or reckless behavior. These types of misconceptions serve to lower one’s self-esteem and often contribute to the belief they somehow “earned” this label. During hypnosis, you will be encouraged to quiet external sources/voices and access the higher self. By doing so, you will discover your own inner wisdom, truth, and voice – which will have a powerful impact on shifting your behavior toward something more desirable and healthy.

When we venture into the subconscious mind and – in essence, travel back in time, we have the advantage of seeing things through the lens of our inner child – and in contrast, our more advanced, informed self with much more life experience. Once these two conflicting worlds or perspectives are uncovered and closely evaluated, a client will gradually and organically abandon that which is self-injurious and self-deprecating. Moreover, s/he will begin gravitating toward that which is beneficial and curative which reflects the more enlightened part of ourself.

Unlike other therapeutic interventions, hypnosis regards YOU as the expert in your own healing. Your subconscious mind and soul determine which memories deserve attention. Wisdom and insights of the “higher-self” guide you toward a more enlightened path. The result is experienced not just in the way you think, but, over time, in the way you behave.

How has hypnosis impacted real people who have visited my space?

One client quit smoking, lost weight, and reduced her drinking down to one quarter of what she used to consume in a few months.

Another left a toxic relationship, replaced a dead-end job with her dream job, and was able to wean off anti-anxiety medication and prescription sleep aids (under her physician’s guidance).

Confidence and improvements in parenting, marital relationships, and work relationships – are other areas where clients experienced great success.

Enhanced focus, better quality sleep, healthier lifestyle choices – the list goes on!

There are endless stories of how clients have utilized hypnosis to promote healing in their own lives.

The fact is – when you understand your true value in the world, you make more grounded decisions.

Are you convinced and ready to get started?

If you are still not convinced, I will not wrestle with your objections. I will simply say that hypnosis is not for you.

If you are convinced and realize it’s just a matter of picking up the phone or scheduling your Free 20 minute Zoom intake – I’m here and ready to help! Twenty minutes and you will be on the path to a better life. Twenty minutes and your questions will be answered – your concerns addressed – and your feelings of isolation diminished.

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