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Meditation & Practical Mysticism

Meditation & Practical Mysticism for Spiritual Enlightenment is a rare offering for the client who has already done an extraordinary amount of work on themselves – and is successfully living an emotionally and spiritually grounded life.

This kind of client may want some hypnosis – as a tool or refresher for moving through a temporary earthly distraction, but that is not their end goal for seeking services. They desire a life that is more spiritually based and wish to explore their true calling through service to others.

Whether or not this client practices formal religion or not, what s/he would like to learn, practice and master is the kind of meditation that connects them to a Universal Intelligence. There is an innate understanding that when Divine Source Energy is received in its purest form, without a filter, the soul can reawaken to a world and lifetime of limitless potential. Intuition, creativity, heightened focus, self-confidence, leadership – are just some of the benefits of this modality.

Amy Marohn, C.Ht., MS, B.Msc., C-KAHP

Amy Marohn, C.Ht., MS, B.Msc., C-KAHP

Master Hypnotist, Rehab Counselor, Metaphysical Minister, Spiritual Healer, Humorist and Recovering Chaos Addict.

I value intuition over formal protocol and textbook explanations; clients over clinicians in identifying the most effective formula for recovery; joy over suffering – as most of the pressure we place on ourselves is simply unnecessary, misguided, and masochistic.

“Teach me to Use The Higher Mind as A Source of Enlightenment; Inspire in Me a Life that Embodies My Truth.” – Sensorium Hypnosis

You have a fierce passion for Discovering Truth, which is rare and undervalued in today’s world. There are so few people in your current circle, if any, who are interested in joining you in this quest.

You have far surpassed the notion that knowledge and wisdom can only be found in literature, third party experts or outer world experiences.

The Greatest Advisor of Your Life can be Accessed through the Higher Mind and Inner World.

You understand the Law of Diminishing Returns applies to earthly pursuits like wealth, titles, prestige, and power. And that there is indeed a breaking point at which no further investment of time, ideas, and resources will produce more value.

Abundance and Prosperity is far beyond the confines of the outer world, which you may very well have already mastered; love and deep soul relationships are of immeasurable value to you, as they provide a consistent flow of joy, contentment, and inner peace.

As the outer world becomes more frantic and demanding – you quiet the mind and nurture the body through the consistent practice of yoga, meditation and other rituals involving nature. The Integration of this Inner World keeps your entire being in balance and in sync with a higher vibrational energy.

Your Lifestyle and Spiritual Practices have taught you how to let go of the human ego and allow the Higher Mind to lead.

The order of operations regarding self-care is Soul, Mind – and then the Physical Body. This is the Approach for the Awakened Soul. 

You have moved through one or more major life storms, which has been an invaluable catalyst for emotional and spiritual growth. You would not be who you are today without these battle wounds and for this – you feel grateful and blessed.

Now that you have some inner peace and a strong self of self, earthly challenges no longer suck you under. What you see are lessons and wisdom in these Spiritual Rites of Passage.

There are deeper, more poignant questions and concerns that extend beyond the physical realm.  And that’s why you have landed here – at this site, on this page.  You hunger to know more about Your Soul’s Purpose – as well as the Teachings and Karmic Themes specific to you. You submit to the formula of the greater good and are Eager to Find Your Calling and add more value to your work here on Planet Earth.

The discipline of Journeying Inward – through Meditation – is far more expansive, enriching and enlightening than anything experienced through the ordinary senses of the Outer world.

No dogma. No Filter. No distractions. No Third-Party Interpretation. Only Pure Truth.

You, as Self-Healer/Mystic; Me, as Coach/Metaphysical Guide/Spiritual Influencer.

If this speaks to you and you would like to explore Meditation & Practical Mysticism for Spiritual Enlightenment, contact me here.