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I was at the end of my journey when I was led to Amy. I have PTSD and didn’t think I could live with it any longer. Or ever recover. Amy gave me the skills to use daily and the strength I needed with her unconditional love and faith in me. After about two decades of talk therapy and being over-medicated by psychiatrists, Amy gave me real tools to move past dwelling in the abuse I suffered and the effects of the abuse to show me how to move on and let go of the past. In practice and with practice I have learned the skills to work on daily to tell myself I am enough. I am so much stronger and even able to see harmful relationship patterns in my life and realize that I am and will be strong enough to let go of them when I am ready. She taught me to give myself grace like I give other people Grace. After decades of abuse, Amy has shown me that I am worthy of a peaceful and happy life. She saved my life and taught me how to move forward instead of being stuck in the pain I’ve been in for so long. I will always be grateful and also comforted to know that Amy is here for me if I get stuck in my journey. She reaches out right away when I need her and puts me back on the right path. I am grateful -so grateful-to have hope to have the life I need, and I deserve. Thank you, Amy.
Tonya J

Best life changing experience I have ever been a part of. I was amazed she that she helped me with my long list in short order. Amy has provided me with tools that I will be able to use from now on. In as little as 5 visits, she helped me work through 50 years of self-judgement and needing approval of others, be more confident in decision making, speaking honestly and openly, and how to have a better life/work balance. I look forward to continued growth and coming back to Amy for additional work as needed in the future. .
Kylene P

Amy was able to reach a part of my soul that has been dormant. She is a true conduit to reaching higher on a spiritual level than I could ever do myself. She has catapulted my soul path and helped me gain a greater understanding to life and my role and purpose in it. She advocates having a victor attitude rather than a victim mentality. She is amazing and a gift to the world. I am based in medical science and pride myself as a scientist, however Amy has a beautiful gift of bridging the analytical side of myself with the spiritual side to create a sense of wholeness. Her gifts are ordained. I’m convinced she’s an angel on Earth.

Amy has an amazing gift! From the moment you walk into her space you feel the genuineness of her spirit. The relationship I had with my teenage daughter was tumultuous. With Amy’s guidance and ability to teach me to reach inside myself to find answers, my daughter and I can now laugh and share moments together without fighting. Thanks to Amy and her gifts I am learning to love and respect myself – and I am growing and finding inner peace.
Angela B., File Maintenance Manager

After years and years of suffering and seeking outside help, what you’ve helped us accomplish is a miracle! I can’t thank you enough for working with our daughter and loving her through this.
Stacie F., mom/parent

Amy has helped me find a balance in both my personal and professional life. Reconnect spiritually, break life-long destructive patterns and has given me strategies to use so I can continue healing. I am extremely grateful to Amy for all she has given me!
Suzanne S., Real Estate Broker

I am working on resetting my family patterns and found it to be a very valuable experience to look into my past life experiences. As I looked back, I recalled countless lifetimes that I had certain interactions and opportunities to heal. Getting deep within your mind gives you a unique opportunity to heal yourself from lifetimes of patterns. Thank you to Amy for guiding this journey with her beautiful and safe healing space.
Tanya A., Licensed Massage Practitioner

Seeking Amy’s help was the best decision I’ve ever made. Within the first month I was sleeping better, had less anxiety, and was able to taper down on my anti-depressants (under my PCPs direction). As a practitioner if western medicine, I was slightly skeptical at first. But Amy’s patience and calm demeanor put me at ease right away. I feel as though I’ve made more progress with my mental health in a few months than I ever did with traditional talk therapy. I’ve also begun to take my 9-year-old son to Amy. In a short-time I’ve noticed a change in behavior and attitude. Not to mention he’s slowing his brain down and allowing himself to think before he acts. Neither of us would be where we are without Amy’s expert guidance down our paths. I highly recommend taking a leap of faith and unlocking your unconscious mind.
Quinn R., RN

I am so grateful my journey on Earth has gone through Amy’s chair. I have been running, staying busy, and in an anxious state my whole life. It wasn’t until my first session, that I experienced what it was like to relax (for the first time in 40 years). I have peace and choose where and how to go forward. Stress and the noise of the world has been turned way down and I have more energy for what matters most in my life. Amy helped me to establish a connection to my soul and utilize the inner wisdom we found there. An incredible value for the money as the sessions are priceless and life changing on every level. Most impactful are the changes I am noticing in my relationships with other people, how I spend/invest time, and how I manage change. I could not imagine going through the current changes in my life without the tools and insights i have gained from her. OR did the inner wisdom Amy introduced me to help fuel the change my soul has been crying out for?
Mark F., Husband/father/manager

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WOAH’s, Women of Amazon Hardlines, mission is to create a network of employees across Hardlines’ organizations who are passionate about gender diversity and inclusivity at Amazon by promoting equal opportunities for development, empowerment, and mentorship for all. Amy Marohn (of Sensorium Hypnosis) offered an exceptional Virtual Energy Healing event for all members, on two different occasions. This class was impactful across the organization and received positive feedback that the session lowered overall Q4 stress. We believe it is important to help our members build stronger virtual at home experiences by providing classes like Amy’s, which develop greater cohesion, morale and productivity.

  • Luci Bessinger, WOAH, Amazon

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