As a client, you will receive hard copies of the following polices to sign. So that you can refer to them easily, I have made them available to you here for your convenience.

As always, please contact me if you have questions:

You can find policies here which you can download for your records, or download to electronically sign and send back to me. All clients will need to have these policies signed and submitted before treatment can begin.

If you don’t already have a copy of Adobe Reader, you can download it here. Then, simply open the policies and select ‘Fill & Sign’ from the right hand side. You will then be able to enter your initials and signature as appropriate.

Education & Training

I am a certified Hypnotist through the Nation Guild of Hypnotists.  I am registered through the WA State Department of Health (HP 60638443). I have an MS in Rehabilitation Counseling and have worked in the areas of mental health and physical rehab for over 20 years. In this practice, I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health conditions and therefore do not provide advice regarding corresponding treatment or prescription medications of any kind.

Hypnosis and Energy Healing can be excellent complementary healing modalities used to address some of the emotional and/or physical components of a condition or major life transition.

Confidentiality and Disclosure Laws

Client records are kept confidential and maintained in compliance with WA State Department of Health guidelines. However, there are a few circumstances in which client information must be shared with the appropriate authorities:

  • If you are involved in a civil or criminal lawsuit, a judge may request records be turned over to the court;
  • If statements are made regarding abuse or neglect of a child, elderly person or disabled person;
  • If statements are made regarding self-harm or harm to others.

About Your Treatment

Your treatment goals are of the utmost importance to me. The sessions scheduled represent a mutual investment of time, energy, focus and commitment. In order to experience positive, long-lasting changes in the way you think and behave, weekly sessions are essential and highly recommended for the first 4 to 8 weeks. Weekly repetition and practice of new skills and tools will facilitate proficiency in handling a wide array of life stressors. Skipping sessions, especially early on, promotes falling back into old habits and thus, delays your progress; it also impedes the cumulative effect of our weekly work together. After this 4 to 8-week time period, bi-monthly sessions may be helpful for maintenance.

Rates & Payment of Services

Sensorium Hypnosis rates, for 75 minute sessions, have been established as follows:

    • Introductory Session (first session w/ assessment paid by all first-time clients planning to participate in ongoing weekly sessions): $150
    • Standard Hypnosis Sessions (all other weekly consecutive sessions): $125
    • Single Past Life Regression Therapy session: $175
    • Smoking Cessation, 3 Sessions: $500
    • Weight Loss, Immune System and Energy Enhancement Program, 12 Weeks: $1500
    • Refresher/Maintenance Hypnosis Sessions within 60 days of cycling out:

$165: Refresher Hypnosis, Single Session (1 session, 75 minutes)
$300: Two Hypnosis Maintenance Sessions (2 sessions, 75 minutes each, every other week; must be used within 30 days; $150/session)
$560: Four Hypnosis Maintenance Sessions (4 sessions, 75 minutes each, every other week; must be used within 60 days; $140/session)
If you have cycled out of weekly hypnosis sessions more than 60 days ago, you will need to re-enter the system as a new client.

Medical insurance does not cover Hypnotherapy or any other services offered.  Payments (via debit or credit card) must be submitted online, 72 hours in advance of scheduled service.  Here is the online payment link:  Non-submittal of prepayment may result in cancelled services; Cash or checks are not accepted.

All sessions (Intro Hypnosis Session; Hypnosis Session Bundles of 4 or 8; Smoking Cessation; Weight Loss and Refresher/Maintenance Hypnosis Sessions; Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing; Past Life Regression; Spiritual Clearings and Virtual Corporate Events) must be prepaid online ( at the time of scheduling or within 72 hours of the scheduled service(s), in order to reserve your time/space. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

A new hypnosis client who has participated only in an Introductory Session must prepay online, 72 hours in advance, for a minimum of 4 sessions, in order to reserve all future session times. This is the minimum number of sessions needed to have therapeutic value. It is the client’s responsibility to schedule these sessions online. These 4 sessions must be utilized within 30 days of payment and are non-refundable. If a client opts to purchase 8 sessions in advance, these sessions must be utilized within 60 days of payment and are also non-refundable.

A minimum of 48-hour advanced notice is required for all session cancelations. Although no refunds are provided, this enables the client to attempt to reschedule this session, provided there is space available – which is not guaranteed. This rescheduled session must occur within 7 calendar days of the cancelled session.

Cancelling 2 sessions within a 30-day time period (even if within a 48-hour time period), may lead to premature dismissal from services. Any unused portion of prepaid services will not be refunded.

Most hypnosis clients will benefit from 8 weekly sessions, following the Intro Hypnosis Session. Thus, for the first couple months, hypnosis clients will purchase hypnosis sessions in Bundles of 4 to be utilized within a 30-day time period or Bundles of 8 to be utilized within a 60-day time period. There is a discount offered for those who purchase sessions 8 at a time. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Session Structure, Policies & Protocol

This practitioner is fully committed to the success of her clients and therefore sets aside more time than the industry standard for sessions (industry standard is 60 minutes per session). The number of clients seen each day is strictly capped to ensure the efficacy of work, energy and skills.

Sessions are typically 75 minutes in length. If a client is late, the session is shortened by the amount of time a client is late, so as not to interrupt the flow of other scheduled sessions.

It is the client’s responsibility to check/monitor session availability. Session days/times may fluctuate depending on the season/demand for services. Typically, sessions are offered Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am-7:30pm (last session at 6pm) and Thursdays and Fridays from 8am-5:30pm (last session at 4pm).

It is highly recommended clients schedule their sessions 4-8 weeks in advance to ensure continuity of treatment and top preference for days/times that work best with his/her schedule.

The practitioner may integrate additional tools into a client’s treatment plan, such as energy and spiritual work, to further promote healing, as appropriate. The practitioner, however, is not advocating or endorsing any specific religious ideology, doctrine, creed, etc. Clients’ own beliefs are always honored and respected.

The practice of hypnosis, along with other integrated modalities, may involve light touch of head, hands/arms, feet, etc.  If a client is uncomfortable with this, due to past trauma or for any other reason, it is the client’s responsibility to communicate this to the practitioner who will modify her techniques.

For the purposes of privacy, confidentiality and focus, no other person, including minors, may be present during a client’s sessions. Sessions may not be recorded using visual or audio equipment; however, the details of all session will be captured in case notes to assist the practitioner with continuity of treatment/goals and in adherence with the WA State Department of Health requirements.

A hypnotherapist does not diagnose or treat psychiatric disorders and therefore does not offer any advice/opinions regarding psychotherapy services, psychotropic medication management or any other mental health related service.  It is the responsibility of the client to advise any other mental health practitioners of his/her participation in Hypnotherapy services.

Clients must sign a release of information, if s/he would like any other health & wellness practitioner to be able to discuss his/her treatment/access the hypnotherapist’s records.

Hypnotherapy is not a crisis-oriented service; therefore, if a client is feeling suicidal or unsafe in any way, s/he should call “911” or check in to an emergency medical center for further evaluation.

Clients who disclose that s/he is currently the victim of domestic violence or has personally participated in the abuse/neglect of minors or any other vulnerable population understand that legally the Hypnotherapist must report this to the appropriate authorities.

This is a drug and alcohol-free environment and use of such substances within 8 hours of scheduled visits (except for medically prescribed marijuana) will not be tolerated.  Such substances may impede a clients’ ability to focus, concentrate and process new information – and may ultimately prevent treatment progress. If a client appears “under the influence” at the start of a session, s/he will be dismissed, and the session fee will not be refunded.

In order to respect the privacy and scheduled session times of other clients, clients agree to wait until his/her scheduled session time to enter the premises.

WEIGHT LOSS CLIENTS ONLY: Hypnosis is most effective when used in conjunction with regular exercise, nutritional adjustments and medical care.  Utilizing a gym and in some cases even a personal trainer, nutritionist and/or any number of medical/health & wellness professionals (mainstream and/or non-mainstream) is highly recommended.  Certain medical conditions may impact a client’s ability to lose weight; therefore, clients are encouraged to consult a medical practitioner if experiencing unexplainable weight loss challenges or weight gain, even with significant lifestyle adjustments. Also, certain psychotropic medications used to treat depression, anxiety, various mood disorders, etc., may seriously impede a client’s ability to lose weight, so clients are reminded to be proactive in discussing this side effect with their prescriber. A separate Contract must be reviewed and signed before beginning the Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Program. Please note this is a 12 week long structured program.