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Practice Policies and Protocol

General Overview of Practices at Sensorium Hypnosis

As a hypnosis practitioner, I am fully committed to the success of my clients. Please note I cap the number of clients I see each day to ensure the efficacy of my work, as well as my complete focus of energy and skills. Considerable time is invested in preparing for each session and capturing the details in a case note. Your cooperation in attending scheduled services, completing recommended homework, and showing up on time is greatly appreciated and will help your progress tremendously.

The first session or intake is about 90 minutes in length; the consecutive weekly sessions are 50-60 minutes. If a client is late, the session is shortened by the amount of time a client is late, so as not to interrupt the flow of other scheduled sessions. It is the client’s responsibility to check/monitor session availability. Session days/times may fluctuate depending on the season/demand for services. Typically, sessions are offered Monday-Fridays from 8am-5:00pm (last session at 4pm). It is highly recommended a client schedule their sessions 4-8 weeks in advance to ensure continuity of treatment and top preference for days/times that work best with your schedule.

The practitioner may integrate additional tools into a client’s treatment plan, such as energy and spiritual work, to further promote healing, as appropriate. The practitioner, however, is not advocating or endorsing any specific religious ideology, doctrine, creed, etc. Clients’ own beliefs are always honored and respected. Energy healing is safe, and effective for clients of all beliefs and backgrounds.

The practice of hypnosis, along with other integrated modalities, may involve light touch of head, hands/arms, feet, etc. If a client is uncomfortable with this, due to past trauma or for any other reason, it is the client’s responsibility to communicate this to the practitioner who will modify her techniques.

For the purposes of privacy, confidentiality and focus, no other person, including minors, may be present during a client’s sessions. A client is free to audiotape the sessions using their own recording equipment. The practitioner will capture the details of all sessions in a case notes to assist with continuity of treatment/goals and in adherence with the WA State Department of Health requirements.

A hypnotherapist does not diagnose or treat psychiatric disorders and therefore does not offer any advice/opinions regarding psychotherapy services, psychotropic medication management or any other mental health related service. It is the responsibility of the client to advise any other mental health practitioners of his/her participation in Hypnotherapy services. A client must sign a release of information, if s/he would like any other health & wellness practitioner to be able to discuss his/her treatment/access the hypnotherapist’s records.

Hypnotherapy is not a crisis-oriented service; therefore, if a client is feeling suicidal or unsafe in any way, s/he should call “911” or check in to an emergency medical center for further evaluation.

If you are seeking assistance with addictions, please note this is not a rehab practice or facility. It is highly recommended you find a Drug & Alcohol Counselor and regularly participate in an addictions group, such as NA and AA. Hypnosis should be utilized as a complementary tool to assist you in your recovery journey and not as a primary vehicle for drug or alcohol cessation.

Please note this is a drug and alcohol-free space. Attending sessions under the influence of any substances, including marijuana is not permitted. If you have a medical condition and a licensed medical practitioner who has prescribed marijuana as a treatment, it is your responsibility to disclose this to the hypnotherapist.

I have reviewed, acknowledge and agree to comply with all disclosures contained in the General Overview of Practices.

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