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Bottom Line – your life feels unsettling.

Jackie’s* husband had been cheating on her for several years now, if not longer.

She intercepted one of his girl-friend’s text messages last year around Christmas time. Not wanting to upset the kids, ruin their holidays or create conflict over something that may very well be another mid-life crisis – she let it go.

Now she’s remembering other times over the last few years she felt violated. Two years ago, she stopped off at her husband’s office unannounced. He seemed unusually edgy, scolded her in front of a female colleague for interrupting a meeting and ushered her out of the building.

Shortly thereafter, her daughter found an email from her dad’s lover – and co-worker. When confronted, he ended the affair but continued to see this woman daily at his office. Jackie’s tension never subsided.

Anxiety and depression is affecting her work…

She calls to check in on her husband more than she feels she should and still finds herself sifting through his personal emails and items looking for evidence.

Anytime something seems off, her mood spirals. Her supervisor told her more than once that she seems unhappy, distracted and disengaged. The kids, now both teenagers, are emotionally withdrawn and spend very little time at home.

Jackie can’t blame them – she knows the tension in her marriage and her uneasy demeanor is driving them away. Staying in this situation keeps Jackie constantly on-edge, but the thought of leaving is paralyzing and overwhelming.

You’ve tried standard talk therapy.

It never seemed to create lasting change.

You’ve heard about hypnosis, but never seriously considered it until now.

It seems like a whole lot of digging deep into the past.

You wonder, is all this really necessary? Would this really change my life in any meaningful way?

These thoughts might run through your head, initially.

Until you spend time in my chair – and experience the kind of clarity, healing and transformation that only hypnosis facilitates.

Hypnosis is about learning to make empowering choices, creating healthy balance, and finding inner peace.

Increased focus, mood lifts, quieting of physical symptoms, better sleep, improved relationships – the list goes on regarding the ways in which hypnosis can help.

Enlightened Thinking + Good Choices = Empowered Life

After this process, some have even discovered their calling, felt empowered to leave an abusive relationship, or found the confidence to walk away from ungratifying work.

Any number of life issues can empty our tank – causing us to feel alone, unsatisfied, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Don’t spend another day suffering alone.

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