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Amy was able to reach a part of my soul that has been dormant. She is a true conduit to reaching higher on a spiritual level than I could ever do myself. She has catapulted my soul path and helped me gain a greater understanding to life and my role and purpose in it. She advocates having a victor attitude rather than a victim mentality. She is amazing and a gift to the world. I am based in medical science and pride myself as a scientist however Amy has a beautiful gift of bridging the analytical side of myself with the spiritual side to create a sense of wholeness. Her gifts are ordained I’m convinced she’s an angel on Earth.

Denise Houghtaling

Seeking Amy’s help was the best decision I’ve ever made. Within the first month I was sleeping better, had less anxiety, and was able to taper down on my anti depressants (under my PCPs direction). As a practitioner if western medicine, I was slightly skeptical at first. But Amy’s patience and calm demeanor put me at ease right away. I feel as though I’ve made more progress with my mental health in a few months than I ever did with traditional talk therapy.

I’ve also begun to take my 9 yo son to Amy. In a short time I’ve noticed a change in behavior and attitude. Not to mention he’s slowing his brain down and allowing himself to think before he acts.

Neither of us would be where we are without Amy’s expert guidance down our paths. I highly recommend taking a leap of faith and unlocking your unconscious mind.

Quinn R

I am so grateful my journey on Earth has gone through Amy’s chair. I have been running, staying busy, and in an anxious state my whole life. It wasn’t until my first session, that I experienced what it was like to relax (for the first time in 40 years) , have peace and choose where and how to go forward. Stress and the noise of the world has been turned way down and I have more energy for what matters most in my life. Amy helped me to establish a connection to my soul and utilize the inner wisdom we found there. An incredible value for the money as the sessions are priceless and life changing on every level. Most impactful are the changes I am noticing in my relationships with other people, how I spend/invest time, and how I manage change. I could not imagine going through the current changes in my life without the tools and insights i have gained from her. OR did the inner wisdom Amy introduced me to help fuel the change my soul has been crying out for?

Mark Ferrari

Sometimes in life you need clarity and peace in both your personal and professional life. My friend, Amy Marohn, can and has done this for me. It is an experience that brings that clarity without the clutter and chaos of daily life, shutting it all out. Amy is located in Lake Stevens, worth the visit and the investment in yourself. What goals, visions and dreams are you trying to achieve? Make it happen with Amy! https://sensoriumhypnosis.com/

Tonya Siefert Christoffersen


Do you ever feel like sometimes you need to refocus, feel hectic or stressed, feel like you need a vacation but can’t get away for a break. Consider a hypnosis session with Amy. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed opening a new business, crazy hours, working 14 hrs a day 7s a week and I went and sat with Amy and it was such a calming positive amazing experience. Your awake the whole time nothing to fear it’s a very cool experience. I totally recommend this for anyone. Especially if you are stressed or feel like there is an area in your life you just would like to calm! You will feel amazing and love it. It’s like a massage for the mind!

Christine Jones-Noel

Amy your amazing! Your session with me was amazing I felt so stressed chaotic and unfocused. Then after leaving I felt calm cool collected and ready to take on the world again. You have a gift.

Christine Jones-Noel


I’ve done a lot of soul searching this past year and a big part of that journey was sensorium hypnosis. Working with Amy has been amazing in teaching me tools to stay grounded and hands down extremely effective in helping me work through past emotional conflicts. Highly recommended from me! 🙌🏽

Kirsten Michaels



Life changing…

Maryanne Armstrong





Hello all, I was in this situation when my house was on the market. It showed well and it was priced to sell but no offers. Amy came over and noticed something unusual. She did her thing and got an offer the same weekend. I was skeptical at first but now I am believer.

Rex Siapco





I was skeptical too. But had a similar experience to Rex Siapco. Amy has a gift and an all loving heart. I recommend this with no reservations!💞

Catherine Martin





I have been sick with bronchitis for about 9 weeks now and with only a little relief. I decided to try something new, I tried hypnosis for the first time during my process I was relaxed, clam, and at peace. The point this hypnosis was to help with a cleanse to help with the break up of mucus. The day after the cleanse I started to cough up the crap deep in my lungs. I finally felt something relief with that being said I am going in again for the second cleanse and hopefully be rid of this once and for all. If you are interested in hypnosis for cleansing like I was or even weight loss, pain management, or even help with mental issues such as depression this may help you as well. She offers a wide variety of hypnosis.

Terri Woillard