Spiritual Cleansing of Spaces

Relaying messages from the other side….

Beverly* was trying to sell her sister’s home, but it wouldn’t sell.

It had now been on the market for over 180 days.

It was a modern home in an upscale neighborhood with an impressive landscape. The interior was pristine with a beautiful floor plan, and it had been professionally staged. Well-advertised and competitively priced, it generated a decent amount of foot traffic. A few offers came in, but each fell through for one reason or another.

With Beverly’s permission, the broker coordinated a Spiritual Cleansing.

Beverly’s sister, who had died suddenly in the home six months prior, had several messages for her family. There were items in the home and in storage that she wished to give to her two nephews. She also had some heartfelt things she wanted relayed to Beverly.

Once the items were dispersed and the message delivered, the house sold over asking price.

Dealing with a strange energy….

Jack* and Carrie* felt a strange energy in their home.

For quite some time, Carrie had been hearing noises emanating from an upstairs bedroom when she was home alone cooking dinner. She dismissed it as an outside noise or an overactive imagination. It wasn’t until their house went up for sale that Jack admitted to having similar experiences.

During a Spiritual Cleansing, the spirit of a deceased family member was identified and helped to cross over.

The energy in the house instantly felt lighter and the house sold in less than two weeks.

Coping with fear that creeps into everyday life…

Maria*, 13 years old, was a hypnosis client. I had been seeing her weekly for a month and a half.

Her parents had tried everything to manage her unruly behavior. She was failing most of her classes and was frequently dismissed from class for being disruptive. At home, she resisted bedtime and rules regarding electronics. Weekday mornings and bedtime were a nightmare, as Maria fought every reasonable request her parents made.

Finally, while in conversation with Maria and both her parents, she admitted to being afraid of her bedroom… and of the dark. She felt a strange energy in her home that created so much anxiety that sometimes she stayed up until 2 or 3 a.m.

After a Spiritual Cleansing, Maria felt less anxious in her room and was able to sleep peacefully through the night.

Over time, this impacted her ability to concentrate and focus in school, and she became less argumentative and more cooperative with her teachers and parents. A few more sessions and Maria’s issues began to taper off and entirely disappear. She is now getting A’s and B’s at school and recently received an academic award.

These are just some of the stories….

… of how Spiritual Cleansing can positively impact a space and those who inhabit it.

Sometimes it’s a spirit… other times just a stale- or low-vibration energy.

Kelly*, a local retail business owner, schedules Spiritual Cleansings of her business space quarterly. She claims it draws in high vibration customers and boosts her sales. The energy of her staff seems “cleaner,” and there seems to be fewer personality conflicts.

Once in a while, there is a call to a crime scene – a home, a rental unit, a business, or even a piece of land. Low vibration energy is moved out – high vibration energy is moved in. A special blessing is said if a death was involved. Sometimes random information is downloaded and shared, as appropriate, to facilitate healing or to reveal something helpful or comforting.

Normal people sensing abnormal energy….

You are not crazy.

Normal, everyday people call on me regularly. Most have mainstream professions – banking, teaching, office manager, sales reps, business owners, etc. Some are staunch believers and church goers – others spiritual, but not particularly religious, and everything in between. No matter who they are or what they believe, they just know something is “off.”

My work will not stir up evil spirits who refuse to leave your space. Rarely will you/I/we see something paranormal; however, it does happen. I am confident in my ability to assess who or what is in your space, communicate with it – and remove distracting or unwanted energy. You or a designated somebody will be there during this entire process either observing or doing your own thing until I’m done. The fewer distractions, such as talking, heavy activity, noise, etc., the easier it is for me to do my job. Having only one other person with me is ideal.

I am a trusted name in town, called on regularly by previous and current hypnosis clients or someone from their inner circle – and by local real estate brokers. I never enter any space without written permission from the owner – and I never enter a stranger’s home. We must be connected in some way – hypnosis client, friend/family of hypnosis client, or local real estate broker. My work is limited to Snohomish County. These cleansings, which can take up to two hours, require a lot of energy – spiritually and physically, as well as recovery time.

I use cleansing “tools” which are chosen once I get a better sense of what is there. I will burn wood – and sometimes herbs and/or sacred resins. We will open windows. Your space will feel energetically lighter once the cleansing is done. You will likely sleep better, feel more uplifted, and there will be a better overall flow.

If your home or business is on the market, it may sell quicker – or it may not. I make no guarantee, as there are far too many other factors at play. With loving intention, my job is to cleanse and heal your space for the benefit of all those who live or visit there.

Clear space, clear mind….

Let’s be honest, you’re not exactly comfortable in your space – and others have sensed this energy, too.

You will feel better once you talk to an expert about your feelings, suspicions, etc. You may even have a story or two to share about this unsettling energy. This can all be discussed during our first phone call.

Your mind will be at peace once your space is finally cleansed.

If you have questions about Spiritual Cleansing or whether it would be helpful for your specific issue/challenge, you can contact me here.

Due to high demand and limited time and availability, these services are only available to established hypnosis clients and licensed real estate brokers in Snohomish County. The fee for Snohomish County Cleansings, less than 20 miles round trip from Lake Stevens, is $250. If your space is over 20 miles round trip from Lake Stevens, the fee is $350. Payment is due on the day of service and can be paid via cash, check, or debit/credit card.