More on Hypnosis

Something to consider….

Most of what keeps us locked in dysfunctional thought or behavioral patterns stems from unresolved fear/conflict – or an over-obsession with the past and/or the future.  Hypnosis taps into the unconscious, where these conflicts originate, so they can be identified, processed and resolved.  A variety of tools and techniques are utilized with the underlying principle that each person has within him or herself the wisdom and knowledge to heal all aspects of self   emotionally, spiritually and physically.

In our sessions, you will learn how to access the tools within yourself – and perhaps from “Source” – to strengthen your emotional resiliency.  You will learn new strategies for relating to the world around you that will keep your “tank full.”  You will to learn to forgive, love, nurture and validate yourself using such principles as compassion and grace.  And finally, you will learn how to be fully present by reducing or removing unnecessary distractions. This process is the gateway to accessing your higher self.

Are these changes Permanent?

There are no shortcuts, no autopilot features, no magical incantations, no pre-settings to help you deal with life post-treatment; however, you will be operating with a healthier framework of solutions for dealing with life.  Permanent change stems from insight, practice, commitment and self-discipline.

Next Steps…

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