Can’t decide whether to stay or go!

You feel trapped in a relationship that isn’t satisfying.

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This ambivalence feels like torture.

The truth is you’ve been on the fence about this relationship for a long time – and you are paralyzed with indecision.

They’re a good person. Solid in every way – the most important ways.

If you stay, you will lose yourself. If you leave, you will lose everything familiar.

You can’t be the only couple in a loveless, passionless relationship.

Surely there must be other couples with no common interests and very little to say.

Let’s be honest – it doesn’t matter what anybody else is doing. You’re unhappy and can’t stand to live like this anymore.

But, starting over feels daunting, especially knowing you may never find anything better than what you have now.

You’ve invested so much in each other.

Is it even possible to resurrect this partnership?

Or have you no other choice, but to move on?

Make a decision that just feels right.

First, we will address the heaviness you are carrying – the sadness, emptiness and grief. You will feel lighter, both physically and emotionally now and each time you leave this space.

Here you will learn to trust your intuition and inner wisdom. Old thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you will slowly and organically disintegrate.

Your voice, truth, and decisions will come from a grounded place. And each step will be broken down into a manageable formula that resonates with your soul and reflects the emergence of head and heart.

Stop waiting for your anxiety to subside on its own.

Feel lighter, gain clarity, and put a plan into motion!

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