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Journey Inward – from the comfort of your own home or office – for a virtual weekly Hypnosis & Energy Healing Retreat. For 30 minutes per week, give your employees a convenient, accessible tool to help manage stress, anxiety and depression which often leads to addictions, unhealthy lifestyle choices and poor work attendance, performance and morale.

Here’s what Amazon had to say….

WOAH’s, Women of Amazon Hardlines, mission is to create a network of employees across Hardlines’ organizations who are passionate about gender diversity and inclusivity at Amazon by promoting equal opportunities for development, empowerment, and mentorship for all. Amy Marohn (of Sensorium Hypnosis) offered an exceptional Virtual Energy Healing event for all members, on two different occasions. This class was impactful across the organization and received positive feedback that the session lowered overall Q4 stress. We believe it is important to help our members build stronger virtual at home experiences by providing classes like Amy’s, which develop greater cohesion, morale and productivity.

-Luci Bessinger, WOAH, Amazon

Whether your employee is struggling with work stress, addictions, divorce/relationship issues, grief & loss, chronic pain & illness or is navigating a major life transition – this Virtual Retreat will provide some much-needed relief and jump start the recovery process in a compassionate, private and supportive environment.

  • Participants will have an ongoing opportunity to:
  • Identify & Release Old Life Scripts Cognitively, Emotionally and Behaviorally.
  • Remove Trauma from the Mind & Body on the Deepest Cellular Level;
  • Step out of the minutia of daily life and connect with a Spiritual Realm of their own design to uncover their personalized healing formula and start anew!
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