Spiritual Clearings? – What the *#@!

The Soul Whisperer Series

(A peek inside the dynamic world of The Soul Whisperer)

I never know exactly how Souls will choose to communicate with me.

Every encounter with a Soul is just as unique and distinctive as an encounter with a person. Some are quiet, reserved and cautious; others bold, interactive and engaging. Their mood may be dark and somber, heavy and depressed or bright and peaceful, light and soothing.  Make no mistake, the energy these Souls carry does influence the overall vibration of your space, as well as the emotional, spiritual and physical health of its inhabitants. 

It may take some time to get a good read on a Soul and/or it’s motive for attaching to a specific space – and it may take multiple attempts to establish rapport and a steady discernible pattern of communication.  Just like physical beings, a Soul’s essence is typically multifaceted and multidimensional – except that they express and reveal themselves in the form of shadows, symbols, images, movement, temperatures, energy surges, and/or downloads (telepathic communication – i.e. – words, visions, ideas/concepts, emotions).  No matter how they approach me or what kind of energy they emit, they undoubtedly have something they wish to communicate before consenting to moving on, out or over.    

Souls are typically attached to the home, the land or the inhabitants.  In my experience, the Souls attached to the land are the most challenging.  I theorize this may have something to do with territorialism – or rather, a Soul’s effort to assert his/her dominance.  Under these circumstances, multiple clearings/ cleansings may be required. And although this may be a bit counterintuitive – my interactions with Souls of this nature cannot in any way be confrontational or adversarial. Such Souls must be approached with love, respect and compassion, particularly considering the fact they feel as if their rights have been violated and their land has, in essence, been “pirated.”   

Souls attached to the home or the inhabitants within a home tend to be much approachable – and much more eager to communicate, cooperate and cross over.  In many cases I discover Souls related to family members who simply wish to comfort, enlighten, empower or restore a person or family’s wellbeing and sense of security.  These encounters are most effective and transformational when the person or family members are present during the Spiritual Clearing – so information can be conveyed in real time, accurately and unfiltered. Typically, those who are present can then experience first hand the energy of the deceased Soul, which is in and of itself extraordinarily healing. 

Most of the Souls I have encountered who are attached to the home (verses Souls directly related to the inhabitants), tend to be harmless, mild mannered and even unaware their presence has created a disturbance in a home/business.  Many times, they simply wish to be acknowledged and understood.  They may even wish to share pieces of information about their life here on earth and just simply to be remembered before crossing over. 

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Stay tuned for future articles about my recurrent encounters with Native American Spirits in new homes throughout Snohomish county, particularly Lake Stevens and Marysville. I will also offer some insight as to the difference between Spiritual Clearings and Ghost Chasing.